The 90’s rocked!

The 90’s truly rocked, probably the greatest phase in my life! A rewind of some of those things in this post…

~^~ Boom Shack-A-Lack (the song), a time when India was catching up with pop music..Apache Indian was a name to remember then.

and we had cassettes by the dozens, played on our tape recorders.

~^~ Speaking English in school was getting compulsory and we felt so cool speaking the The Y2K Buglanguage. Nowadays, sorry to say..the language is being murdered, left, right & center.

~^~ We thought Y2K would end it all! Guess what..nothing happened.


~^~ Having relatives staying abroad and coming down for holidays meant foreign chocolates, and that in turn meant TOBLERONE

~^~ Owning this geometry box was mandatory and then write our names on the top of the box coz every other kid would have the same box too

~^~  We read and re-read Tinkles and Archies comics. We all loved Betty over Veronica and we all wanted to be like Archie. Suppandi’s jokes made us laugh 🙂


~^~ Phone Landlines where you HAD to pick up every call & not chose which call to ignore or not. If u owned a cordless phone, u were way tooooo cool.

Last but not least, FLAMES – predicting our love life. Anytime better than the FB quizzes that we do. We’ve all tried it out. What are the odds of it working out?



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  1. Super!!! Made me feel nostalgic… some more things about 90s… Shaktiman, Tom & Jerry… bricks video game… Mario… playing outdoor games every evening…ruler or a pen fight in school… Tintin comics…. and the list goes on…

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