The Philosophy Class

The students could never understand what the best looking teacher in the college was doing teaching a boring subject like Philosophy..

Equally unfathomable was the principal of the college on why the Philosophy class had the highest number of students on the roll and attendance, considering that the students normally opted for the other 2 options available (psychology & sociology) and hardly a handful would join the philosophy class.

This was the normal trend until the last two years where the philosophy class has been full to capacity. The college had to even shift to the biggest classroom to accommodate the big no’s. It was understandable why the guys were joining in big numbers, nobody could explain why the girls wanted to learn philosophy!?

Her name was  Philomenakind of a  philosophical name if you think about it 🙂 It was a match made on earth, Philomena teaching philosophy. To the students of course she was Philomena ma’am (it was a long name to say but the students did not mind for it gave them a few extra seconds with her), the best looking teacher in the entire college. 

Philomena came to college on her bike, blue Vespa GA01-J-4331  and she always parked next to the red Vespa   which belonged to Mr Gonsalves, the statistics teacher.

On one such occasion in the philosophy class where the students were apparently being taught something on the greatest minds in history, their questions regarding the meaning of life, morality, non-morality etc etc (which made no sense to the students really), they were really concentrating on the teacher more, the statistics teacher interrupted the class saying “Sorry to disturb your class, could you please” (gesturing for the teacher to come out)

“Please what?” a few students echoed in a low voice.

(smiling) “Now students..I’ll be back in a sec…” said Ms. Philomena

“don’t you think this Gonsalves sir is disturbing our class a lot nowadays?” another student said from the corner


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  1. I know how it is if teacher is good looking 🙂

    1. It acts as a motivation for the male students…makes then do things they wpuld otherwise never attend lectures, secure good marks…be in class on time, sit on the first bench..all to impress the teacher. We have all done it…

      1. Sorry to ask you, are you a guy? some how I had a feeling that you are a girl. Correct me if I wrong. Sorry again if I have hurt you by any way.

        1. No problem. No issues at all.

          1. you didn’t tell me yet 🙂

          2. Male of course 🙂 Savio – the name always stands for a male name 🙂

          3. Haha, thank you for answering my query

  2. Story of every single school and college 😂 I remember how we used to tease our sport teachers that there was something cooking between them 😂

  3. Savio…. hmmmm… all that i could think while reading this post is that u r a teacher…. 😅😛

    1. As a student I did a lot of things, crushing on teachers were normal. I was fortunate enough to have some pretty young teachers in school & college 😘😜

    2. I’ve tried stuff as a teacher too but to no such luck 😔

      1. Hhahahahhaa…. i was expecting that…… 😂

  4. Fun read:-) Philosophy is thinking about how to lead a good life for oneself and for others. In my opinion every great person (whether enrolled in psychology instead of philosophy or not at school) deals with philosophy.

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