High on Emotion

she kept reading
…as she watched him toss his cowboy hat on the floor and stride over, the feeling was overwhelming. She needed him, she needed him in a way she had never needed anything. She needed his hands on her body, his lips on his mouth…

(Looking at him)“you’re totally enjoying this, aren’t you?”

“the way you’re reading it…totally. Wait! I just have the thing” (he runs to the store room and is back in 10 minutes)

“Where did you run off to and what are you hiding behind you?”

(he puts on the cowboy hat and almost immediately takes it off and tosses it on the floor)

(laughing) “this looks familiar…but the cowboy has forgotten to wear his pants”

“Let’s just forget the pants for tonight my love” he said…

…as she put the kindle away and ran into his arms, indulging into a passionate kiss. It seemed as if the book was coming to life in that room. 

7 Replies to “High on Emotion”

  1. You are so funny 😂..
    love ❤️ your little romp there.

  2. 😊 pants…. 😂😂😂 what Savio.. must say.. its a humorous love story

  3. Pants…. 😂😂😂😂… its a humorous love story…

    1. actually I didn’t see the humor in it 😉 did I miss something?

      1. Hahhaha… i find this statement also humorous… u r very funny Savio

        1. Shut up ya Aditi, now tell me what’s going on 😛😮

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