Talking with hands

Do you find it weird when people use their hands excessively when talking? For me, definitely! It is very distracting..really. I end up watching where the hands are going rather than what’s coming out from the mouth.

What’s the word..what’s the word??

Yes! Gesticulation

So the question here is “Is it a bad habit to move your hands while talking?”

Moving your hands excessively is definitely a bad habit. Your hand doesn’t really have to move with every word that comes out of your mouth-its just so uncool and the worst part is the person doesn’t even notice it. [My sister-perfect example – HOW I HATE IT!!! Gawd!!]

Use your hands by all means, I do it too BUT ONLY when I have to emphasize something or if I am really excited about the subject I’m talking about.

You might wanna check your hand movements the next time you talk, if you’re overdoing it and then after some time your hands are all over the place and you don’t even realize it.

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    1. do you use your hands while talking Iti?

      1. But now I ll be more careful… not to take away the words due to the gestures

  1. Wow! I do it a lot! And I hate it too, coz that means I’m floundering with words or just plain shaky. But that’s me 😑

    1. it requires a lot of practice to keep hands down while talking..

  2. Well said… i haven often seen students over using their hands while giving a presentation

    1. During presentations I guess its fine (not overdo)…but during normal conversations, that’s strange! When I see people (normally females) I’m like…what is wrong with that woman? 😉

      1. Hahahha…. i have a big question as to what should i do with my hands while m posing for a picture…. its usually Savdhan or a Vishram position when it comes to a solo picture 😅😅😅😅

        1. go with the situation, or put it around the person next to you 🙂

          1. Arrreee… solo picture i said… if there is someone obviously i will… u know what i mean… 😛

          2. aaaahhhh 🙂 case of reading too fast and not catching on 😉 in that case savdhan would be better, you could salute too 😉

          3. Hahhahahhahhahhahahha….. hahahhahaha.. Salute… hahahhaha… Savio u r very funny… i cant stop laughing…

          4. couldn’t think of anything else ya, this was like on the top of my head. I’ve been reading way too many articles about our jawans 🙂

          5. True.. but just imagine… this being a festive season and m mostly in sarees more often than not (only during feativals)… how funny it will look.. i mean generally when girls pose for a.pic.. they pout or do the v sign with fingers… and imagine me doing a salute in every other pic …. hahhahahhaha

          6. pouting works.. I manage a smile everytime I see a girl pout..I’m gonna google ‘pout’ ryt now 😉

          7. Hahhaha… that means a post from u is on the way… i was thinking of doing the same… but u do.. my Diwali posts are pending..

          8. ..n I know what you mean 🙂 I think I always do, don’t I?

          9. I think so ☺

  3. Well!even i do this a lot,but i don’t do this wantedly ..

  4. I think it’s gotten to the point where it’s involuntary. The need to make gestures, for me at least, is how I convey emotion. The situation defines how intense they are. They could be calm gestures or wild but it’s a little hard to focus on how much my hands are moving when I’m giving expression of the mood my all. Maybe with conscious practise, it’s doable.

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