bae? What the hell is up with that?


Seriously bae…now English has words like that? It doesn’t even sound like a word. How does one pronounce it? Ba-e? Baie? or B.A.E?

I googled it…some searches say it means “baby” while another search says it stands for “before anyone else”. Never seen google so confused before 😉

So, what’s the deal?

What will be a grammatically correct sentence using the word?

18 thoughts on “bae? What the hell is up with that?

  1. Hahahaha!!!
    You are so funny 😂
    But I Agree with you….

    The words I hear dropped around all the time makes me laugh 😂..

    I find some so hilarious 😂..

    But it’s the new way communication

  2. I always thought it stood for “bacon and eggs” which I thought was quite an odd thing to refer to your significant other as but I guess bacon and eggs are rather delightful and make me feel amazing so I could see where the connection was. I have since been corrected because I kept saying “bae” every Sunday morning and my family got really frustrated with me.

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