Every one of us has that uncle/aunt living out of India earning in dollars, pounds, euro’s etc etc.. n then comes the time when they come to INDIA for anywhere between a 2 week – a month’s holiday coz apparently coming for less than 2 weeks is a waste of money, travelling all that way and not getting enough time to even complain about how…
(a) India has become so populated and that the (b) number of cars have increased on the road and that (c) it has become so hot and (d) the traffic is terrible etc etc.
Yes, that’s what they do…

It’s not like they don’t know what India was…they were too, once upon a time an Indian citizen..who cares if now they hold Australian or American or Canadian passports or
whatever! Living in all these other countries might have taught them a few manners which they unfortunately could not pick up when they were living in India…so be it!

You’re in India for a holiday, irritate your Indian relations while you’re here, be happy and go back. Yes, it is hotter here in this part of the world…not as spotless clean as some of the countries you come from or not everyone follows traffic rules in India, but this is what makes India…India.

This is not the only country you have for a choice to come on a holiday, the fact remains is that you want a ‘cheap holiday’ and that’s when you chose India over the other exotic places. To add to the misery is we have to listen to the stupid accents that are put on. Don’t tell me, living “abroad” for a few years and now suddenly you have an (amriki) american accent! Pls! Get a life!

Coming back to the Uncle/Aunty scene; Every uncle/aunt brings along with them ‘chocolates’ for their poorer relations in India…time for them to know that;
We aren’t dying for your chocolates, we don’t ask for them…we get the best of chocolates in India, (unless of course you’re coming from Switzerland, the chocolates and cheese are so yummm there) then OMG!

As Indians, we are brought up eating paani puri, behl purl, omlette in bread and vada pav.. something you will never experience living in countries abroad. Chocolates for us is a luxury, definitely not a necessity.

There is nothing you don’t get in India that you could possibly bring from your part of the world, unless of course it is a white woman to get your brother’s wife’s sister’s nephew married to.

…to those irritating aunts and uncles, we all have them [FULL STOP]