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Was just going through my WP stats and on 24th October, I had NO VIEWS from India. I mean how can this happen? My own country betrayed me…not even one freakin’ viewer from over a billion people!? This has never happened and to top that, I only had 13 views that day (my lowest ever)


I’ve had my WordPress low days, but 13 is a bit too less no? There had to be surely something wrong that day. Yes! maybe the WP servers were down that day in India, that could be the only explanation 😉

I don’t know if a small thing like this deserved a full blown post..I tend to do things like these once in a while, when I have nothing else better to do 🙂

Have a good Tues-day people and an excellent start to the month of November 🙂

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  1. Looks like Savio is back! Hows ur health now?? Well… let me make u feel better… my lowest views have been ZERO and that too many a days… 😃😅😄😀😁

    1. Aditi, you know…YOU are the BEST! Health wise, stable I should say..building to a healthier version of me 🙂 Today is 1.11.2016, are you on the NanoWrimo thingy?

      1. Nahhhh… i thought i was not prepared yet. Next year may be. How about u?

        1. Yes, next year…still another whole 365 days to go to next year, same time around 🙂 so we can chill 😉

          1. Lol… yes… lot of time.. we dont need this program… we are alredy going to co-author right?

          2. Oh totally 🙂 We already have an A (Aditi) S (Savio) we need one more S, we then have a kickASS team to go forward 😉

          3. Hahahhahha… good one .. that S stands for “start now”

          4. telling ourselves that is the first step.. 🙂

          5. Yes… i seriously mean it Savio… u know what… m gonna email u some stuff… right now is good?

          6. Cool… gimme 10 mins.. i need to connect to my work emails

          7. Mr Paes… pls check ur emails… and let me know what u think about the first cut…

          8. Awessoommee…. Waiting….

          9. Adi, I’m getting automated msgs as replies 😉

          10. Hahhaha… m supposed to be off work today!!

  2. Happens, happens. Sometimes your own people don’t necessarily like what you’ve posted. Timing matters too. For example if you post on a busy weekday in the middle of the day or the beginning of the day when people are rushing to work, obviously, no views. Then your post gets drowned by other posts that are ‘timed’ right. Or if you post on days when you know the nation would be out and about, like festivals, again you would be neglected. Happens to me too 🙂

    1. the best part is, I didn’t post anything on that day but like generally I get views on my older posts or some random visitor etc etc…but its a little hard to digest the fact that not 1..not 1 little Indian viewed 🙁 but I guess it’s okay, SHIT happens

      1. Precisely! Just sweep it in a bin and trash it 😉

        1. Pradita, you’re sweet 🙂 Have a lovely day and lovely month ahead 🙂

          1. Awwww… You made my day. Thanks. You too 😊

  3. almost happened to me as well many times

    1. so I’m not alone in this, suddenly I feel so good about myself 🙂 thank YOU

      1. No man, I it happens at time not server down may be no guys coming over ur blog

        1. 13 people did manage, yet no Indian featured. Anyways no prob! Happens…yes it happens from time to time

  4. . . . Similar things have happened to me too.
    A particular day I had no single view from the UK and another that India surpassed my country Nigeria.


  5. Haha.. my average never goes beyond the unlucky 13

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