21 Replies to “Donald Duck’s pants!”

  1. I always thought he wears a diaper… common… doesnt it look like that?

    1. Diaper…seriously Aditi? hahahaha

      1. Arreee… shappat… see now… first it is all white… second its shaped exactly like a diaper only no.. ok.. call it customized diaper… because it has some space for his tail to pop out…

        1. Okay Adi, customized 😂😂

      2. Have u seen mamy poko pants… if u havent i insist u should…. then u will agree that Donald Duck wears a diaper…

        1. Still time for the ‘mamy poko pants’ stage…haven’t quite set ground on the stage before 😀

          1. Hahahah… u can see the commercial that is aired on tv too often.. i just love that song… Mamy Poko Pants…. 😂

          2. I surf channels when the ads are on…

          3. Really…?? I love watching commercials even now… i remember i used to be so excited tk watch them on the big screen when my parents would take me for a movie.. i used to rush them before time so that i could enjoy commercials… haha… those were the days!!

          4. For me watching movies in theatres is only about two things, the National Anthem and the movie itself..and also to see around the pretty girls

      3. And think like this… that… perhaps.. that was the idea because Disney may have thought that kids would relate to him better of they see him wearing what they wear 😀

        1. You’re good Aditi…I never think so much u see 😉

          1. Hahahahahahaha…. i didnt make efforts i swear… thats the first thought that came to me…

  2. Haha…interesting conversation here! 😁

    1. Please be free to join…we love conversations 😀 more the merrier

      1. I love too! Only an excuse to talk more. 😂

  3. Hahaha so cute never thought about and I simply loved the young Tom Hanks pic in your post. Nice post.

  4. hahaha… nice one 🙂

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