The BRIGHT RED lipstick

I’m not sure I understand why women apply dark RED lipstick on their lips… I don’t know about ‘it’ turning ON some men but it definitely turns me OFF

I’m sure there are lighter colors & shades out in the market, (pinks maybe) which look even better on a pair of lips. Isn’t it important how you carry lipstick on your lips rather than concentrating on its color? Of course, lighter the better 🙂

…and technically, doesn’t lipstick come in between the perfect kiss? I’m sure the guy doesn’t want to taste the girls lipstick instead of her lips. I might not have kissed many lips but I have kissed a few to know that…

a kiss on the lips without lipstick goes a long way to make your kiss a memorable one. 

Did you know that on an average, a woman actually eats 7 pounds of lipstick in their lifetime. Now that’s seriously ewwww!

There are surely better things to eat than lipstick ryt?

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  1. So hilarious. I don’t mind the color, just that i don’t kiss if lipstick is on!

    1. Now that’s good. Hope to have the other guys reading this back us up too, on NO KISSING with LIPSTICK ON.

  2. The darker the lipstick the better for me! 🙂

  3. How does it matter?😂 if she likes the shade she should apply it. Men will always be men😂 I don’t think that a guy would back off and not kiss just because of the colour of lipstick? I mean who wants to spoil the moment?
    On a personal note, as a girl, I hate lipsticks be it any shade. Ain’t lip balms better?😂

    1. what are lip balms? Prachi, you hate lipsticks? I already like you a little bit more 🙂

      1. Heard of vaseline and baby lips?😂 a lip balm is colourless or can have a light colour. May or may not add some shine(I think am using the wrong word but I hope you understand what I mean😂) and it just keeps lips soft 😍

        1. Heard of vaseline, YES. I like the fact that it keeps the lips soft, better to kiss ryt? I’m trying to get the overall picture 🙂 Visualizing the whole scenario ryt now 😉

          1. Enjoy your wild thoughts😂

          2. they are not wild 😉 atleast they haven’t reached there yet..but this post and the following comments have taken my thinking to a different level 🙂

          3. Men will remain men, as I say😂

          4. and that’s why men and women get along so well. Imagine if men start acting like women..they’ll be chaos 😉

          5. I do agree! Feminine character of women and manlihood of males make a relationship perfect.! Do boys like tomboyish girls?

          6. I liked them when I was in college but now for some strange all the girls are growing their hair and acting all girly girly which is cute too 🙂 So its a win-win situation but I can’t talk about all guys…maybe I should write a post on that and then we could have a discussion 😀

  4. You’re sooooooo right! I don’t even remember how many times I’ve been told to wear red after marriage (that’s an Indian thing)… And not pinks or nudes, because they’re considered the mark of a married woman. Huh? 😕 while I do like red on the lips sometimes, I think it should be worn strictly if your attire or the occasion demands it

    1. as you rightly pointed out ‘An Indian thing’

  5. I apply just a hint of red on my lips…. I feel it makes me prettier…. oh, and never pink ! They say women dress up for other women. ( competition ) ^_^

    1. yes, I believe I have heard that somewhere, or read it..not sure.

  6. I agree with you. On This..
    it’s really a personal choice…
    and men do love ❤️ a red lips 👄.. especially if those lips 👄 are voluptuous..
    and me;
    We I only wear lipstick 💄 on Really special occasion.. and I usually choose a shade to go with my outfit..
    On a regular basis.. I wear lipgloss.. Vaseline

    1. I’m learning new things..Vaseline, lipgloss etc. I don’t know exactly when I can put all this new info into use.
      …and voluptuous? Hmmmm 😉 guess that’s what drives men crazy!

  7. Funny and humorous post😊
    I don’t mind wearing red because it suits my completion. But I can’t do brown or dark purple ever… I don’t know it any darker shade exists 😊😊

  8. Savio… now i know why u like PC…

      1. Hahhahaha…. i thought u would know… never mind… just caught something from comments section… but may not be relevant

        1. if its something nice and juicy, please email otherwise you can mention on the comments section onli 😉

          1. Hahhaha… hahhaah… i leave you to ur imaginations!!

          2. u na Aditi.. always 😉 Now be a good girl and email. I might have a clue but then I don’t know what’s going on in that analytical brain of yours…

          3. Hahahha….. i will… thiz afternoon…

          4. Btw – tell me, have i missed reding any of the parts from your story. The last i read was a ride back home in a car…

          5. Ok great… looking fwd to more

          6. You are on a holiday today?

          7. I make my own holidays, lets put it that way

          8. Hahahah…. didnt get you but m sure it must be something funny… bcz it came from u

  9. Ha ha ha Sav!I serious don’t have the habit of applying lipstick ,but here is should tell you something.The reason girls go for red lipstick is to show their boldness.Yes true red’s ate the sign of bolness and independent woman!I think than lipsticks, lipbalms ate there to protect your lips from chapping! Being as a woman though i don’t like lipsticks much,i prefer them occasionally!there is no relation btwn lipsticks and kiss i guess😉

    1. I still remain with..Lipstick on-no Kiss 😉 😉

  10. Sorry for lot of typos Sav!

    1. I understand you must be having quite a speed with typing from your phone..typos happen, it’s cool.

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