The ‘Personal’ Touch

People are now sending wedding invitation cards via social media like FaceBook, Whatsapp or even twitter (tho’ I haven’t received one on Twitter as yet).

It is the latest fashion, everyone is doing it.

I agree people have more than a 1000 last minute things-to-do for weddings but the amazing thing was.. in the past, weddings took place too and yet along with all the other preparations, the bride/groom took time out to come and invite their friends/family friends personally. Do you remember how good that felt? You felt wanted, you felt special for He/she (my friend) came specially, all the way. to my house. to invite me. 

But nowadays sadly everything is done electronically devoid of any feeling, it is become more like a job-to-be-done. I have to invite ‘X’ no. of people and in order to save on time..I’ll just send out invitations of whatsapp & fb, so convenient.

Well I guess with every virtual invitation deserves a virtual gift, so next time you get an invitation through fb or whatsapp, besides wishing the couple through a reply, don’t forget to send a .jpeg image of a nicely wrapped gift too. Yes we live in the so called modern world, but people are still yet to understand that some things don’t change – at the end of the day we are sill dealing with people (not machines) who have feelings.

For YOU it may be a matter of convenience, but not for the other person…especially if that person meant more than just a friend to you.

I may sound very ancient in my thinking, but sorry! that’s the way I am. I’m not gonna eat everything spread out on your wedding dinner table nor do I want any special treatment dished out to me, all I ask is for the personal touch – it goes a long way in maintaining good relationships.

Even a phone call seems a better option that a whatsapp wedding invite, i.e if you really can’t make it personally for some reason and by that ‘I was busy’ is NOT a reason. 



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  1. Agree! I wa amazed when a friend of mine expected me to show up at her wedding after she put out a post on Fb about it…obviously a common one to every friend in her list. These are basic manners and they never change. Yes, we can understand the pressed for time thing, but if you can’t take time out for properly invite someone why would he/she bother showing up?

    1. Mine tho’ is a pct msg invite…still I’m not cool with it…a phone call could have accompanied the message…bare minimum

  2. Ya that is how the world is expanding today no one has time to write.

  3. So true. But I am proud to say that personal invitations were send across on my wedding and same would be done on brother’s wedding too.

  4. I totally agree Sav! everyone are so materialistic now,people doesn’t know the happiness in spending time along with real ones,everyone ate craving to spend time on social media with the fake ones!I really love to write & receive letters from loved ones and i still do for some if my closed ones,i prepare a birthday card for them and i write few lines for really gives me happiness.Materialistic happiness is nothing when compared to these..

    1. You don’t understand how good I feel when someone calls me ‘sav’ my best n closest friends call me sav. For the rest of the world I am Savio 😀 you’ve crossed a line, welcome to the other side 😉 if you’d like to stay for a while 😛

      1. Oh…i have crossed?So is it good to cross or not?I just feel like calling like that!😊

        1. I do welcome you to the other side…so you’re good 😀😀😀

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