India’s talking 500 & 1000

Ever since the Prime Minister announced the demonetization of Rs 1,000 and Rs 500 notes, there has been utter chaos among the Indian people. Everybody, from the lady selling fish to the discussions over the lunch & dinner tables have been nothing but Rs 500 & Rs 1000 notes, that seems to be the only thing that India is talking about.

…and why not? PM Narendra Modi took us by surprise, it’s not like we were prepared for it. While many say it was an excellent move, others are simply grumbling and walking around different shops making asking for small change of 100’s and 50’s.

Technically, I have just Rs. 130 in my wallet with a few coins maybe [which I can actually spend] the big notes being of no use but only to be deposited back into the bank. Money has always been precious, but not more precious since yesterday and for a couple of days more, of course till the new notes are out.

Looking forward to those crispy notes, they look so much cooler. 


Don’t you think Gandhiji is smiling a little more here? …and his ears looks a little bigger too 😉 

Why can’t I find an image for the new Rs 1000 note? Or is it a Rs 2000 new note for every two old 1000 notes, doing away with the 1000 Rs note totally? Okay, I am now officially confused 

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  1. There is no new note getting printed for 1000 yet. But this is definitely an excellent move. Also , if we look for philosophy, money ain’t everything stands right for some days! 😁

    1. So why are people not accepting 1000 rupee notes? I can understand with the 500…

      1. The old 500 and 1000 as a denomination is totally banned. They’ve reprinted new 500 and 2000 instead. We do not anymore have a 1000 rupee denomination as of now. That’s why. You can get your notes exchanged at any post office or bank whether you hold an account or now. They are open 8am – 8pm every day from today. 🙂

  2. No need to get confused. Keep yourself updated by watching news on TV. And you will get all the directions and Do’s and Don’t.
    In order to achieve greater good, we have to make little sacrifices.
    The government has announced for circulation of Rs500 and Rs 2000 note. You will get a Rs 2000 note in exchange of 2 Notes of Rs 1000. 😊

    1. see, now that was a simple explanation 🙂 They are many people going absolutely paranoid 🙂 at least I am only asking one question 😉

      1. It is good to ask questions rather than sitting back and getting tensed. 😊
        Moreover, we shall help other people by providing them relevant information especially poor and illiterate people in this situation of economic emergency.

  3. True! I don’t think any1 can go through the next three months without talking about it atleast once in a day.😂

      1. I am saying at a maximum… Bank employees are too human na… they can only so much in a day…🙄 besides everyone will have a story to tell abt wht they faced during these days..😂

  4. Smart move by PM modi. Nice post!

  5. Just deposit ur big notes in bank and chilax!!!

  6. I have those new 2000 rupee notes, I was eagerly waiting to see them..but after getting them, I thought Kya bakhwaas hei, Really the notes are soo low quality ones

    1. They looked really good on facebook..but they’re okay! Gandlhi is looking disco 🙂

  7. Thats quite true there but have a look at my blog and my point of view about all the chaos in the country. May be Modi’s decision is not the problem but the way we are handling it is..

    1. U bet, the execution/implementation was probably the worst.

  8. I think it’s the way we as citizens handle the situation. In my opinion It’s just time to show some patience. Enough time for everyone to exchange or deposit their hard earned cash. Such a move was necessary.

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