The second name of every Indian is P-A-N-I-C

Reading articles on the newspapers for the past few days about the chaotic situations in banks, at ATM’s all over the country and you will agree that Indian people are in absolute PANIC mode.
The reason – MONEY
The excuse – Shopkeepers don’t have change and things need to be bought

The above situation is only one example where people are in PANIC mode. 
India has had many such instances where people have gone absolutely berserk!

All I am trying to say here is, we as Indians..need to take things cool. Indian people react way too fast…and the worst part is that all Indians think alike, so in all probability chaos is bound to happen no matter what the situation. One thing that Indians are really good at is, they take their frustrations out on social media like FaceBook, Twitter etc, every Indian has an opinion and they all have an urge to express it whether they are heard or not.

There is a certain madness that comes along with being Indian and staying in India, the faster people get used to it – the better. People aren’t gonna change. Tempers flaring, people getting aggressive, property being destroyed are normal things that one will see in India.
People from other countries may have lots of negative things to say about India but whatever it is.. India is still one country that is loved, visited and praised for what it has to offer.

Being an Indian is a different kind of an experience! It’s a country like no other. India is always buzzing! Proud to be an Indian! Will always be 🙂

4 Replies to “The second name of every Indian is P-A-N-I-C”

  1. What was your point ☝️ again…

    Indians are just humans like everyone else on planet 🌎 earth

    1. We just get way too excited and panic at the slightest change..we need to take it easy!

  2. Yes we do panic and get excited .Never fail from adding our two bit . On the whole the feeling is great.

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