No Change!

Okay…so I needed to pee and since I’m not a big fan of peeing by the roadside and watering some dead leaves, the most decent thing to do was to walk into public pay toilet, the nearest one I could find and relieve myself.

That was the simple thing.

It was what followed that kind of kept me on hold..for some more time. I had no 2 rupee coin, so I gave the guy a ten rupee note and asked for change and he didn’t have any. Surprising, since it was like 11.30 in the morning and there was no way I was going to leave a ten rupee note with him. I asked for small change from the shops around but everyone seemed to give me the does-it-look-I have-change look. Well..considering the situation of every Indian right now running around for change..nobody wants to part with coins even. I wasn’t surprised at all.

So I went back and waited…

Till of course a man came with what looked liked his family, his wife, 2 daughters and himself entered. After doing their stuff, the man handed over a 100 rupees note.
Like seriously dude!!!!??? Here I have been waiting for 10 minutes for change of Rs. 10…and he comes with 100Rs? I mean who carries 100 rupees and expects change in a pay toilet. So now it was 2 people waiting for change..we looked at each other and smiled.

I asked the guy, how much he had to pay..he said 8. I did some quick math and added my 2 to his 8 equaling 10.  I told him to keep the  note and I could go. The man was grateful and thanked me profusely. He didn’t have to thank me and all, it was only a matter of 10Rs. It was kinda embarrassing. I said it was totally fine and went to catch my bus.
At least I put my 10 Rs note to good use to help someone in need 🙂

5 Replies to “No Change!”

  1. Good for help(ee)ng someone out 😊😁

  2. Very nice of you 🙂 This made me laugh, for it reminded me of when our family went to Europe about 2 and half years ago now. Paying to use the toilet was a new thing for us! You just never know what different things you are gong to encounter when you visit other countries 🙂

    1. …and I hear its quite expensive too. It’s worth keeping it IN till you reach home 😉

  3. Ha ha..i can sense your urgency through your lines😂😂It’s good to be generous and kind but we should know where we should be and the real purpose of being!good one anyway!

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