Qotd – Question of the Day

So, its time for Question of the Day 🙂 

Okay…I’m doing this for the first time…so let’s see how it goes 🙂

Q. What is your guilty pleasure?

I guess I have to go first if I have to expect others to say something right…?

Oh Boy! This isn’t going to be good.

I’d have to be honest here.. maybe at times 😉 Fantasizing about her.. friends, her cousin maybe, that really good looking neighbor of hers and all of the other women who just seem to be more desirable by their unavailability. Priyanka Chopra <3 maybe Deepika 😉

What?? All guys are the same. At least I was honest about it and its not like the girls don’t know [don’t act surprised] For the married ones here, please don’t ask your husbands. 

Okay! I’m not saying anything more, I’ve said enough

Feel like sharing? Or are you too shy? 

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