The Indians & the English

I love watching cricket, but somehow this current and ongoing series against England.. I just hope Team India kicks their ASS. 

Personally, I have never been a fan of the English, I think they are just rude, blunt, unfriendly and a whole bunch of other things that don’t go along with the Indian way of life..and I suppose the feeling is mutual from their side as well, they aren’t huge fans of us too.
Yes, I have interacted with them..and trust me its not a good feeling talking to one. One can’t have a normal conversation with them..I can’t really put it into actual words, lets just say, it’s like talking to a wall OR pouring water on a ducks back etc..

Let’s have a pictorial representation of what I’m trying to say here. As an Indian or a bollywood fan…you would remember seeing this guy in movies, playing the role of a Britisher.

The guys name – Bob Christo. 

His primary roles were :

~ Stealing idols from temples
~ Planning against the government to bring it down
~ Making chemicals to make our land barren
~ Stealing food from the poor
~ Getting drugs in India.. etc.

You get my point right? The portrayal of the British people has always been negative in our movies. One can definitely tell what a nation thinks about a country/topic through its movies. So I guess its not only me then, they are people among us who don’t particularly like them, be it on a cricket field or a bollywood movie.

I do not hate them, I would rather put is as I have a strong dislike for them. I would probably welcome them home for dinner (that would be the easy part) but more importantly sitting in front of my computer a week before on google finding out things-to-talk at dinner time with them.

This post should be read keeping an open mind. Let’s remember these are my views and I guess I can write what I feel.

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  1. Common its just a game….
    Be tolerant, kind n merciful…

  2. Savio… i couldnt find ur parallel blog… i mean how can i? There is no search option on wp and since m not following that blog yet it doesnt appear in my reader… why dont u send me a link please?

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