Stop the money talk..please.

t’s Okay! Now seriously..what is wrong with people? Don’t they have any other topic to talk about? For birthdays, weddings, on phone conversations, on chat…every damn medium, not forgetting Facebook and Whatsapp.. the unlimited jokes on demonetization.

It’s all got to stop! Stop the madness!

Praying for another big event to happen to shake the country, so at least people have options to talk about different other things. 

MONEY! MONEY! MONEY! Is that ALL what people are after?  Gimme a break! 

Virat Kohli scored a 167 and a 55 n.o in the ongoing test match against England..a good chance to kick white ASS and win the test match. Talk about that 😉

15 thoughts on “Stop the money talk..please.

      1. 😉 No way, that could be a spoiler.. That’s going totally out of control and with no limits 😋 Let’s opt Alia falling from the couch in Love you Zindagi 😘😊

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