Life is fragile..

It is never good to watch/read news of people dying in crashes, accidents etc. The Patna-Indore express derailment which happened in the wee hours of yesterday morning has been the latest tragedy where over 100 people have lost their lives and 200 odd injured. While some top railways officials say the cause could be the fault of the railway tracks. We’ll have to see whether that is true after a detailed report.

Be it a train, flight, bus or a is really never sure! It takes just one lapse of concentration or wrong judgement to spell doom.

Shouldn’t we be thankful that we’re alive while 120 odd passengers on that train don’t get to see the light of a new day!? We all travel, we all move from one place to another, it could have been one of us on that train..who knows? Life is never know when you’re time is up.. and mostly death comes un-announced.

Ever prayed for the driver of the vehicle when you’re sitting in one?…You are practically putting your life in his hands right? Why just sitting in a moving vehicle.. you could be walking on the street and could get knocked down for no fault of your own!

Reminds me of the one instance I went driving along with my uncle to Kerala from Goa by car. All was well till I was driving at least from Goa to Kannur, [I should say with pride, that I make an excellent night driver] all of 12 hours with one stop for dinner. We were heading towards Thrissur in Kerala. With my eyes closing at around 2 in the morning or so, I told my uncle to take over the wheel, an hour later.. I realized  the car was on the middle of the road moving towards the right, yes he fell asleep. (I’ve heard of sleep walking, he was sleep driving!) with a truck approaching from the other side. In an absolute moment of panic, my eyes opened and I turned the steering wheel to the extreme right at a speed of easily over a 100/kmph and banged against a wall of a mosque. Needless to say the front of the car was damaged but more importantly we came out unhurt.

I can laugh about it now..wait! I laughed then too…but that was more out of relief and to top it all the car ran on gas 😉 Thought I’d share it with you guys 🙂

So you know what to do the next time you go out of the house, sign yourself with the sign of the cross or say a simple prayer for yourself or the one driving you.

You want to make it back home at the end of the day…don’t you?


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    1. Thank You for the Re-Blog 🙂 Have a good day!

  2. You are so very right, life is very fragile! That’s why we need to make the most of it each day!
    OH MY about your close call!! So glad it turned out like it did!
    Yes, praying before you get in a car is always a good idea.

  3. Absolutely true and this is life where no one is bothered about the other person and things keep on happening all the time. Only prayers are what we can give them. Sad. Good post.

    1. ..again thankyou for reading 🙂 always good to know that the posts are being read 🙂 Good day to you

      1. Yes cause why not to comment as many bloggers nowadays just simply like instead of commenting. Thanks a good post. Good day to you to.

  4. True.. one can just never say when would be the last moment.. just trust Almighty… He takes good care of his childrean

    1. ..and Aditi 🙂 ty for the delete. Btw Ananya is really a sweet girl.. 🙂

  5. I too pray while we our driver, drives us home from office everyday. I’m so scared of freaky accidents !! I pray when I get scared. I even took an Insurance Policy of 1 Crore, with an extra premium for Accidental Death. And I told my Driver, that if he ever manages to damage our vehicle, make sure I die instantly and not live to regret.

    1. Really, least he knows which side to turn the vehicle. I drive myself, so my life in my own I guess that way, I am quite comfortable.

  6. It makes you think about the ‘goodbyes’ they said to thier loved ones before leaving not realizing it would be their final one. Life truly is fragile and often taken for granted. Stay safe 🙂

  7. RIP to all those who lost their life.. and may god give strength to their families.. Its good to see that you wrote something about this ..

  8. If not pray for your own self, pray for the driver. He/She decides whether to drop you back home or take a drive to there where heaven and hell are.
    P.S. Thank God you saved yourself and others that day. And deep prayers for those who lost their lives in the train accident. It’s sad.

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