Now I’m a listener?

I was always known to be a talker, with the right company..I could talk for hours on end, be it in person or over the phone. However over the does seem I have become much quieter, which I’m not sure is good or bad thing. Nowadays I tend to listen and listening-ear-clipart-hearing-image.pngunderstand more.. Has that made me a listener? At least my friends think so.

To be a good listener, one needs to have qualities of patience, empathy, have an open mind (my mind is always open) and being relaxed (which most of the times I am) which my friends seem to think I have..maybe I do and I don’t realize it.

Everybody needs a listening ear, with so much happening around us every single minute of the day..we need to talk to someone, preferably someone we know, a close friend or someone who knows us beyond our physical appearance. I would like to think that I’m not the first friend they would come to, if they wanna share or speak about something..but guess what!? I am exactly that person.

208a09a12d166a94883afc9490d0ff81I’ve always been there for my friends when they need me. Often meeting up with a friend ends up as a sharing session..or even phone calls for that matter that run into 60 minutes and beyond. Yes I listen because I feel they need a ear, not necessarily give advice but just someone to hear them out. People have all kinds of issues, from trivial ones to the more complex ones..I’ve heard lots of them – and I’m not even a qualified listener or should I say counselor, I should be paid for listening to people. In a way I guess I kind tho’ 🙂

Who do I go to then..when I need a listening ear? I don’t prefer talking to a stranger and with friends..there’s probably only one and she lives 440 kms away in Pune. However, this is where the connection of a platform like blogging comes to my rescue. It may not exactly be the best way but effective nevertheless, when one has the ability to play with words and get the required response that he/she is looking for, which is what I do most of the time through my blog posts 🙂 that is enough I guess to keep me going.
Oh yes and music comes to my rescue too when I’m having those over-the-top moments and I need a diversion of thoughts.

From Talker – to – Listener and I don’t even know how that transformation happened.

21 thoughts on “Now I’m a listener?

  1. I don’t know how you manage Savio but being the same like you (The listener) I feel immense pain when I wish to utter everything that is inside me and find no one. But ya, Blogging and writing the sentiments out sure helps a bit. 🙂

  2. Sometimes we need to talk to people not because we’re looking for answers, but because we want to unburden those feelings inside of us. Blogging has been my rescue many times for the same reason. It isn’t important if I get likes or comments or not, but it feels better that I let it out.

  3. How can two people be with the most similar things?! I’m a good listener too..i give advices in return ti people who comes and tell about their things,but infact i talk a lot😊there should be people to listen my stuff!

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