I Love You. now. and. forever. [II]

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In many ways THAT NIGHT changed everything between two best friends. All it took was ‘one sentence’ that kept them from becoming one. She needed to hear it, more saveimportantly he needed to say it.. hints were no longer going to do. He looked into her eyes the same way he did when they met each other for the first time, Annie knew – this was going to be the moment, her pupils dilated looking into his eyes right in the middle of the song and that’s when it happened. He got down on his knee and said the 3 words she’d been longing to hear.

12 years, 2 hours, 24 minutes and 15 seconds later, the clock had finally stopped. She had been counting..but no more.

Memories of that night flashed in front of her eyes as she sat next to Patrick, he had been in a coma for 2 months now after the crash while returning home from the party. The good part however was that Patrick was showing signs of improvement in the last 15 days, the doctor mentioned, even if they were very minor ones.

A song she’d sing for Patrick everyday strumming the strings on her guitar, for he always said he loved her voice and someday she could be singing on a stage while he watched her in awe from the crowd.

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