Joys of being a blogger

You know the best thing about being a blogger is the mere fact that.. you can give vent to your emotions, your feelings, freedom of thought and more.
..and this is why when you’re writing, let your thoughts flow..give them wings to can never imagine where it could take you

the feeling after writing a post

As a matter of fact YOU out there  yes you reading this…you don’t really have to do anything. Let the words you read transport you to a whole different world. Reading a blog post isn’t the same as reading a newspaper article. The blogger is trying to tell you something, trying to evoke an emotion..and more importantly you get a chance to find out what’s exactly going on his/her isn’t that a great thing, to get into someone’s mind 😉

Bloggers are not just writers, they are writers with a heart 🙂

There are days when not a word comes to mind and then there are periods where there is an overflow of thoughts. Going through one such now, I call it the fertility period.. fertility of the mind 😉

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  1. Hahahaha so good Savio, simply marvellous and so beautifully portrayed. Perfect to a tee. 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

    1. Glad it made good reading, thankyou

  2. Another great thing about blogging,
    one gets to potentially form a family -‘BLOGGER’s FAMILY’ <3

    1. Of course, TBH I have found the nicest people here.

  3. Bloggers are not just writers, they are writers with ❤️ such a beautiful post ⭐️

    1. Well..hello stranger 😉 it’s been a very long time. How are you? Hope u doing well. Have a good day ahead.

      1. Came back after a very long time 🙈 oh btw, tried my hands at food blogging 😁 do check it out sometime 😬

          1. Didn’t get any 🙈

          2. You mean I typed all that…n its all just gone!!!! How? 😛

          3. Check spam…it goes there sometimes

  4. Can’t say yes enough to this post!! 🍻🍻

    1. ThankYou so much, the appreciation means a lot

  5. Congratulations! I have book marked your site and will be checking our more of your articles soon!

    1. Wonderful. I hope you do enjoy reading the other posts as well. That you so much

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