The Child in ME

Aditi nominated me for the Child in ME tag, tho’ I am 11 days late..I promised her, I’ll do here goes. I haven’t still managed to lay my hands on the old photo album [simply can’t find it] but I managed to get 2 pics, different stages of my childhood. Don’t know if it matches up with the post but yeah..

~ I have to paste my childhood picture and describe something about it (if I remember)


I have absolutely no idea why my mouth is open. [mum mentions] it was my thing back then.

~ Sharing a childhood memory

Playing house house with my sister and my cousin outside in the balcony of my grandmothers house in the village (sis had this kitchen cooking set) I remember us plucking leaves, cutting them and making some kind of vegetable 😉 Okay, that was weird 😉

~ A child like habit you still pursue

(a) I still like to eat salt..yes, just a pinch of it. When smaller, it was rock salt now its captain cook 😉

(b) I kinda sleep with my mouth open (sometimes). I am now more aware, so don’t do it often.

Nominate fellow children 🙂

Ananya, Radhika, Carol and Shubangi12241744_10153179333301120_7198377766892303213_n

An extra bonus childhood pic when in school (first row, middle boy) Sorry Aditi, for making you wait so long 🙂





16 Replies to “The Child in ME”

  1. Good one Savio! And u looked cute!!!

    1. with or without the ‘mouth open’…hahahaha

      1. Hhaahha… both… and house house… man.. we all have done that… havent we.. it used to be so much fun!!

        1. In the log run, it has helped…I know to cook rice, dal, make chapatis and a few other things 🙂

          1. Hahahhahaha… good one… whats ur next post… i wanted to write something about chaotic

          2. The way I’m churning out posts here is ridiculous, sometimes 3,4 in a day. I need to give my readers a chance to read..else they’ll skip and move to the latest one na…

          3. Hmm… those who really follow u will catchup… its easy… rest are networking 😛

  2. So sweet as a child and so innocent. Good post Savio and what were those days.

  3. Great post and equally good pictures!!!

    1. Akshita, u should totally do this tag. It’ll be nice to see the cute kiddie version of u… 😉

      1. My kiddo version is much in consonance with yours! ✌🏻️

        1. Really? Would still like to see a picture 🙂

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