The Child in ME

Aditi nominated me for the Child in ME tag, tho’ I am 11 days late..I promised her, I’ll do here goes. I haven’t still managed to lay my hands on the old photo album [simply can’t find it] but I managed to get 2 pics, different stages of my childhood. Don’t know if it matches up with the post but yeah..

~ I have to paste my childhood picture and describe something about it (if I remember)


I have absolutely no idea why my mouth is open. [mum mentions] it was my thing back then.

~ Sharing a childhood memory

Playing house house with my sister and my cousin outside in the balcony of my grandmothers house in the village (sis had this kitchen cooking set) I remember us plucking leaves, cutting them and making some kind of vegetable 😉 Okay, that was weird 😉

~ A child like habit you still pursue

(a) I still like to eat salt..yes, just a pinch of it. When smaller, it was rock salt now its captain cook 😉

(b) I kinda sleep with my mouth open (sometimes). I am now more aware, so don’t do it often.

Nominate fellow children 🙂

Ananya, Radhika, Carol and Shubangi12241744_10153179333301120_7198377766892303213_n

An extra bonus childhood pic when in school (first row, middle boy) Sorry Aditi, for making you wait so long 🙂





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