20 Replies to “A straight LINE”

    1. Indeed it is…all wrapped up in the package of life.

    1. We cannot always expect happy endings..

  1. Heartbreaking. How do u manage to write such stuff Savio… wish i was that strong.

    1. Don’t attach yourself to what you write..of course this is fiction. It is extremely difficult to write when it’s personal.

    2. For me fictional works..either positive or negative but tell me to write something personal..about someone close to my heart and I’ll struggle to find the words. I’m writing one n I’m not able to put into words…feelings I felt when I saw her..can u believe it?

      1. I know… its very tough. I too cannot write about anyone who is very close to me. For once, i can write.. but not read it out.

      1. 😑just……………..

  2. Heart breaking! How are you man?

      1. I am also good. How is Goa? I am planning to visit Goa during New year’s eve time. Will you be there?

        1. Oh yes, surely. Unless of course an un-scheduled trip happens – definitely in Goa. Are you coming with friends?

          1. Yes, till now it’s with friends and till the tickets are booked there’s no guarantee. Any good places to stay?

          2. During that time?? …it’s a lottery if you do get place at comfortable rates. Book now to get a choice.

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