taking it slow..

A big ThankYou to all..for making it finally happen. Chacha, chachi, Google aunty, fanta uncle, chechi, chetan, lizzard, pepsi, ramu kaka..Ramu Kaka (or R.K as he liked to be called for short) you could say, he was instrumental in seeing this day become a reality.

The most eligible bachelor or at least according to R.K, the friendly domestic help that made his presence felt for 3 hours every morning, 2 of those hours which he dedicated to making my mother understand that her son (me) was now ready for the next big step in his life and that he knew some beautiful bitiya’s in the neighborhood  who could be seriously considered possible matches. My mother, who for some reason listened to him patiently every single day, now started making her list. R.K doubled up as a marriage broker, tho’ a very average one at that.

Reshma was one name that popped up regularly in their conversations. Reshma was Mrs Banerjee’s  (popularly known as Google Aunty) daughter. Reshma was by far the prettiest bitiya in the neighborhood, it did make things easier that she and I were really good friends. It wouldn’t really hurt getting married to somebody you share a good friendship with. She was a bong, transferred to Mumbai due to her dad’s bank transfer. Mrs Banerjee, her mom, was quite a personality. How she got stuck with the name Google Aunty, we’ll leave that story for another day. We had very interesting neighbors, we had bengali’s, punjabi’s, keralites, nepalis, all thrown into one happy and friendly neighborhood, living in perfect harmony in the suburbs of Mumbai.

After a few meetings, exchange of smiles, sweets and discussions, the date was fixed, the cards were printed in 2-3 weeks, all the neighbors got their Rohan weds Reshma wedding invitations. While the wedding turned out to be a lavish affair where different Indian cuisines were served, it was the bollywood mixed with bhangra music the dj played that got everyone excited. It was one wedding night you wouldn’t want to miss.

Reshma didn’t look as subdued as she was at the ritual ceremony, when she was in the room with now her husband Ro, she liked the shorter version, it saved her those extra few seconds 😉 She jumped on Rohan while he was resting on the bed after a long night. For Reshma however, the night had only just begun. It was officially their honeymoon period. Rohan had a sore back after the continuous dancing and Reshma might have done a little damage  to it by jumping on him.

Not the ideal start you’d think ..but Rohan knew he was in for a rough ride.



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  1. ha ha ha ha …………………..OMG, I’m imaging the Honeymoon Night and Laughing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Poor Poor “RO”……………………….Who’ll be wearing the Pants next ??

    1. I’m not really sure! 😉😉

  2. Hmmmmm….. 😛

    1. Like seriously Aditi, you can do better than ‘hmmmmm’ 😉 This is so not fair. I always await a comment from you 🙂

      1. Hahahhaa…. this is interesting!!

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