Height – just a number?

It is found out that guys prefer girls who are slightly shorter to them. Why u ask?

Let me put down a few points..

(a) It feels nice to hug them…like seriously.

(b) There is something about a short woman that encourages you to protect her. They look cute & adorable all the time.

(c) They are easier to pick and move around 😉

(d) Short women are more feminine..that is a FACT, in case you didn’t know that. Shorter women have more estrogen content in their body while tall women have more testosterone.

…ever have your woman stand on her toes and lift herself up to kiss you? 😚

Best feeling ever!


What about tall girls then..? 6 footers and above..well God bless them, they are that much closer to heaven 😉 and well I guess, being tall has its own advantages. Maybe all that on a separate post 🙂


35 Replies to “Height – just a number?”

  1. Lol! Makes me feel better that I’m short, but you know how I really feel on the subject 😂😂😂

    1. Always making people’s day brighter 😁😁

  2. Well!i know few things ,but i dunno about that estrogen thing! Good info for short girls like me Sav😉

    1. ..so being short is definitely good then 😜

      1. Hope so…But I’m not too short ,but you can defenitely define me as short😊 i don know whether every short thinks the same,i really like guys who are tall..

        1. My guess would be..you’re 5’5”?

          1. Oh no!.. I’m just 5’3😏😥

    2. I’m around 5’8” I think 😁😁😁

      1. Oh!then you should search a girl who is around 5 or something😂😁

        1. 5’is too short ya 😁😁😁

          1. It’s not short , it’s shorter😂😂

          2. Someone got the muffin i suppose😉

  3. I am taller than my wife and if I am honest I think that I like it that way. I can’t say why though

    1. That’s okay, it’s a guy thing.

  4. Not just guys, even girls like their man to be taller than themselves. Ever asked a girl how she’d look as a pair with that guy in the class who happens to be shorter than her? My guess is, you’d get a prompt reply – he’s shorter than me!
    I personally like all kinds. Being tall myself means I have a longer range to choose. And as long as it connects, who cares about height? 😛 😀

  5. I so agree to Savio and Ajit… i always wanted a tall guy… and i got one… m just 5.2 and my husband is 5.10 😊

    1. ..that’s a o.8 difference 🙂 which matches well…I’m around 5’8” and I don’t mind around a 5’3”, I think anything less might not be a great idea..but then who cares about the height difference…love conquers all 🙂 What say Aditi? Ajit? Sash?

      1. Very true Savio..

  6. Hahaha….being short becomes an asset at times! The husband won’t stop making fun of me for it, but hey, he has to bend down to hug or kiss, so I win. 😉😀

    1. or maybe you could go up on your toes, he’ll appreciate the effort..and guys love that 😉

      1. I do that 😉 especially when he isn’t obliging and I ain’t giving up. 😜

  7. It’s good to be short at times. I think one of its advantages bis erotic cuddling😀

  8. This is hilarious, man! My wife is short…and i agree, she is sort of cute from that perspective also!

    1. Alok, ‘sort of cute’…we only use superlatives for the women we love…like she’s the cutest, sexiest, hottest etc.
      Primary rule for all Men…
      Words like ‘sort of..’ upsets women 😂😂😂

      1. Hahaha…I agree 😂

  9. I’m a short woman … yes, happy that way! Smiles xxx

  10. And what about fat women like me? Haha. 😛

    1. The topic here was height, when we get to shapes…I’ll get to you…and fat…? I would say fluffy..better to hug, if I can reach all round that is… 😂😂😂

      1. Hahahahahahaha. No comments. 😛 😛

  11. Sorry, but I completely disagree😐

    1. Let us have your version dear, would you care to explain?

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