Luxuries – not for me

There are certain luxuries which I am not used to. earlier today morning, I was trying to use a vacuum cleaner, borrowed from a know to hurry up cleaning for Christmas. It just felt weird using it coz tho’ it did a decent job..I figured that I am more used to using the broom and the cloth to clean – The Indian way, the way I was taught by my parents. So I kept the machine aside and continued the traditional way 😉
Tho’ I was tired at the end of it all, it gave me great satisfaction. [This was the first time I actually used a vacuum machine…would you believe it?]

My parents have taught me not to depend too much on gadgets..and that’s why probably, I can live without using my android phone for long periods or go without watching TV for days. I still prefer listening to my recorded mp3 cd’s rather than listen to music from YouTube.

~ I bought my first Android phone 8-10 years later after my friends flaunted theirs. My friends were actually forcing me to buy one..(and for what? to keep in touch thru’ whatsapp, wonder where there are now!?)

~ My first laptop was purchased when Windows Vista Operating System was first released.. I was probably the last one among my so-called friend circle to own a laptop.

~ While our neighbors boasted of DTH HD while we were still on cable TV. I introduced the family to D2H only much much later  

So as you can see, it didn’t really matter to me that gadgets were out there to make life easier, I was just happy living life the simple way. But I guess as time moves along I have to keep up with it, so I understand these gadgets are important…

I’m a simple person, I don’t need long as things are kept simple.

Another thing.. people calling me ‘Sir’, I’m like “who me?”. Call me Savio, call me Mr Paes. ‘Sir’s is fine when my students call me. 

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  1. How Humble of You Savio.
    Just as Jesus was born in a humble stable, we too must be Humble like HIM.
    Adjusting , Comprimising to live with less gadgets is a very Wise Thing to do. Bravo to you for being so Strong in your Will Power.

  2. Even I tried the vacuum cleaner during Diwali and actually ended up using the cloth. The things dint look at all cleaned up like done using a cloth or broom! 😀

  3. I still don’t have an Android phone. The first cell phone I bought, was when I was in college. First laptop in University. The computer we had, never had internet on it. As for cable, we got that when I was around, 12 years. I am glad the only thing I am addicted to is my laptop. Gadgets are indeed really important, and helpful if used in the right way!

  4. Sadhi rahani uccha vichar sarni 😊

    1. translation please, Aditi 🙂 This is Marathi I suppose?

      1. Hahahahah… yes it is… please use google translate. Thats ur homework… so that u learn to use another gadget 😄

        1. always making people work extra… :p

          1. Hahahah… kam karoge to chust rahoge… this is hindi.. use google translate

        2. this is the translation ‘
          Remain high considering the array laid’ and I am all the more confused 😉

          1. Hahahahhaha…. hahhahahaha… hahahahhaah….

          2. It means Simple Living High Thinking

  5. I wish ‘luxury’ to this world was love, family, warmth, peace etc. It is sad that to us all ‘luxury’ is machines, money, ease of doing chores etc.
    Thank god you’re a simple person, Sav. The people opposite to your kind really face a hard time resisting. And, well, we all know, we are not here to resist but to live.
    P.S. Sorry for not having simple thoughts on your simple yet beautiful post.
    It’s just me. A li’l complicated and odd. 🙂

    1. Always a pleasure to have a comment from a wonderful person. Ananya, as much as a lovable name you have…you are a lovely person yourself. Thank God, for people like you 😀

      1. Awwwwwwwwwwwh. Hehe. Thank you. Sav. 🙂

  6. I feel gadgets must be only used when required. They are so consuming, in time and attention, that we are left with lesser patience and inclination to actually indulge in things that need effort. I too woke up late to the gadget brigade, and when I did it, it was out of my own need. No peer pressure.

  7. I’ve never used a vacuum cleaner and using the broom is enough for me too. However, i like other forms of technology especially my phone.☺

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