That time of the year..

…where we see stars hanging in verandas of houses, driveways, shops, restaurants, or just anywhere as a matter of fact.

Just for the information..

This is a star.. 

The Christmas star symbolizes course the star of Bethlehem which according to the evangelist Matthew, has guided the three kings to the infant Jesus.

This isn’t a Star that symbolizes Christmas

 …. I don’t even know what this is.

..and also its ‘Merry/Happy Christmas and NOT Merry/Happy X’mas. Do not take out Christ out of Christmas.



3 thoughts on “That time of the year..

  1. I have read new testament of Bible and attended few prayer meetings as well though I am not Christian. I know, I mean I heard it that it should always be Christmas and not X-mas, as it means no Christ. Thanks for the post.

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