My favorite word


‘the act of finding something valuable or delightful when you are not looking for it’

It’s got to be one of my favorite words – maybe “my-the-favorite-word”

just a nice sound to what it means – “a fortunate accident”

…it just sounds nice when she says it 🙂

What’s your favorite word?


12 Replies to “My favorite word”

  1. Wow 😳… that’s my favorite word too…
    that’s the true title of my sequels of my sweet Allen….

    That what I called him. My serendipity…
    my fortune accident…

  2. Hahha… Savio… that emoji was serendipit 😛😜😜😝

  3. Can someone have more than one favorite words?? I can’t possibly settle on only one. I do love serendipity as well….but I love the words where the pronunciation sounds cool…u get me? Like Whisper…. or Euphoria… or Lucid….or Rhapsody… Quintessence… Ataraxia.
    My favorite Japanese word happens to be Kintsukuroi…look it up if you wish to know what it means….what’s your favorite word in another language?

    1. Favorite has to be one, but you can definitely have a lot of words you like to use..

    2. I love the French language, no special words but yes just love the way the French speak of the sexiest languages definitely!

    3. OmGosh! I like Euphoria too.💞 Beautiful word, isn’t it?

  4. I like Serendipity too. Oh I’ll have to go for Euphoria now. That’s my second favourite word.☺

  5. Quintessential. My fave.

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