‘place’ of birth

“I’m Goan”

“No you’re not..you were born in Kolkata”

“I’m still Goan”

“That is ridiculous, your birth certificate clearly shows – Place of Birth is Kolkata”

“I was conceived in Goa”

“O’ Boy! Then in that case, I should be an employee of the Indian Railways”

“Really? Which train?” 😜😝

Indian Railways – Bringing people together 

Btw another favorite movie of mine ‘Jab we met’

Yes people, love does happen on Indian train journeys. An Indian train journey is just not about getting you from one place to another, its meeting people, sharing food, making new friends and falling in love too. #FrequentTraveller

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  1. I might admit this Sav😜😜I travelled a lot in trains and remember many people where I spent some time with them btwn i remember about guys who were secretly watching me😉😉and who tried to speak ,but afraid because of my attitude… those were lot of lovely stories of my travelling dairies😊😊.. good that you posted and got my memories back Sav!

    1. I have a few memories myself, I just love travelling by trains…it is just so much fun 🙂

  2. Please check out my latest post, my reader says that I have no followers. They’re trying to fix it, but in the meantime, I got to spread the word. I’m blogging again!

  3. Haha. That’s the truth served right. Good to read. 🙂

  4. There’s a lot of nain-ladaana in trains, I accept that. Been there, done that!

    But love, seriously?

    1. Yes, my friend. It happens, I’ve seen it with my own eyes. Mostly in the 2Ac, 3Ac. Guess the cold has got something to do with that 😁😁😁
      Goa2Mumbai, Goa2Bangalore etc, favourite routes u see stuff like this

      1. I mean, I can understand a fling happening. Yes that does happen. And they have to happen when more than a crore people travel daily. But I was asking about love, you know the spiritual and heart-to-heart filmy love?
        Yeah, that one.
        How have your experiences been in this regard?

        1. A friend of mine and now his wife, their first trip was on the Konkan Kanya – Goa to Mumbai. Hard to believe but there’s something about train journeys that put people at ease.

          1. Can’t doubt real evidence. 😝

          2. To think of it..a train is the best place to build relationships. There’s…
            Plenty of time on our hands
            Plenty to eat if one’s hungry
            ..and privacy (well not exactly) but you can still block out everything else n just concentrate. It’s the cheapest long date you can ask for. What say? Indians like cheap 😉

          3. Ha ha ha. Cost-effective, yeah. And even one in a million chance means there would be 10 cases of discovery of true love every day. 😝😝

            Now for seeing it through my own eyes. Seeing is believing, eh? 😁😁

  5. As for me personally, I was already in love when I had did the trip with her. In many ways the ‘train journey’ enhanced the bond. Alas! It didn’t work out..tho’ the memory lingers and brings a smile on my face.

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