Dear Zindagi

You know what’s the worst part of watching a movie at a theater?

It is the fact that, after 3 hrs you have to return to the real life. A life that not many of us can boast of as a great one!

Just returned sometime back from watching ‘Dear Zindagi’. I know! I know…I’m one of the last ones to have watched it. There were all of only 10 people in the the theater, that made it quieter & better to watch. This is the first time that I went for a movie without really reading anything about the film before hand, be it for what the story line was or listen to the songs before hand, the film ratings or even what was the genre of the film. I expected it to be a romance but it wasn’t, all I knew was that, there was to be a Shahrukh Khan and an Alia Bhatt.

Who knew Shahrukh Khan would act as DD – Dimag Ka Doctor (therapist) and Alia his patient of sorts. Like I have always said, I’m not too big on movies that make me think..and ‘Dear Zindagi’ did just that, so I’ll have to say that the movie stressed me out just a bit but seeing Alia on screen neutralized most of the stress 🙂 What I love most about Alia is that she is just herself on screen, she pulls off most characters with the utmost of ease and that makes me watch her movies. Performance wise, this is Alia’s best I feel (she is certainly getting better with every film) She rises above the screenplay and fits perfectly into Kiara’s character making it more believable. The songs are not that great but for the title which is good and ‘tu hi hai’ by Ali Zafar ( I thought that was a sweet song)

I’d give it a 3 star rating ***

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  1. Didu notice Minion on Alia’s soft board?

    1. No Aditi, I actually remembered what u said…guess u missed it

      1. Shyaaaa… u wasted 3 hrs

        1. all I could see were Raghu’s pics on that soft board 😉

          1. Hahahaa… true.. its meant to be like that.. but u see… ots my love for minion that i could spot him from so much clutter <3

  2. Nice review of the movie! I totally agree with your opinion on the worst part of watching a movie 😀

    1. I’m sure everyone has the same view after exiting the theater

  3. Nice review. And I like Alia too. She’s certainly a better actress than some of the other less-deserving star kids out there, like Sonam and Shradhha Kapoors.

    1. I like Sharadha Kapoor a little too…so 🙂

      1. Lol! Sorry if I offended you 😅

        1. Oh no no no! But yes, Alia is very talented 🙂 I’m with you on that and I love her dimple too, I am a sucker for dimples 😉

          1. She’s a cute kiddo, yes.

  4. this is a great movie review, i got curious. maybe we can watch it too😉

    1. With the English subtitles 😉

  5. Feel as though Bollywood has become so westernised and lost its love teachings
    suggesting relationships are like chairs
    makes me sad to think the King of Bollywood is promoting these ideologies 😢 when he has brought out so many films about the value of love

    1. Yes, I remember the ‘kursi’ talk

  6. since now you already told me…so i will definitely gonna watch it 🙂

    1. ..and let me know what you thought of it. Would love to know your views. You could probably write a post on it too.. :p

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