Hands Up tag

We do a lot of activity consciously and unconsciously, so now its time to share with the world on how best we use our hands. Maybe we can learn from each other…from eating our food to tying our shoe laces
…from shaking hands to scratching our bum
we have done it all some time or the other 😉


Let’s do the Hands Up TAG


Mention 10 things you do best with your hands

10 things I do best with my hands

  1. Play with a girls hair. (working magic with my fingers and hand) I have done this to only two girls thus far and they have said that they absolutely loved it.
  2. Fix myself a hot cup of tea/coffee
  3. Hold a small, friendly pet. I said ‘friendly’ pets and not all of them are kind.
  4. Hug a small child, nothing can beat having a child in your arms.
  5. Give awesome high fives. I don’t do it frequently coz some people’s hands are like stones 😉
  6. Eat delicious food cooked by mom. I love home made food. I eat with a spoon at hotels and at functions.
  7. Give myself a pat on the back.
  8. Clap and appreciate something good
  9. Drive my car..I just love moments spent behind my car wheel
  10. Last of all – Writing.. to express myself.

I would like to tag the following bloggers and the others who would like to try it out 🙂

AditiSashaAnanya, Cattie, Sonaleeee and Akshita



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