step by step


It seemed she had lots on her mind
folded hands, little steps step after the other

Did she really know where she was headed?

She felt the water calling out to her, maybe it was in a way..
She lost her brother that day
her mother and father..on the same day

Somebody stop her!
Else she too.. will soon follow their trail.


I do not own the rights to this picture, it has been taken from the Internet. It just suited perfectly to the words I had in mind, hence I used it.

If this happens to be you, your sister or someone you know..tell her ‘I’ve just made her famous’ 😉 and tell me too.. I’d like to meet her 😉

21 Replies to “step by step”

  1. I know wat made you to like this picture so much😉😉😀

    1. Sasha, pls tell me on chat 😉 naughty girl 🙂

  2. Savio…. hmmmmm… 😜

    1. gudmornin’ Aditi 🙂 hahahahaha

      1. Good morning Savio… so finally you understoon at least one of my many hmmmmss…. 😁

          1. Hahahaha… well done!

  3. This was different, Sav! From the usual posts of yours. 😀

    1. i’m trying to be a little different..what do u think?
      The romance me better? or the comedy me better? or something else?

      1. The all you -the best, I suppose!
        As in, I think it would be lovely to see you write both the kinds and that kind too which you haven’t tried yet. 😀

        1. Full marks on an answer well given.

          1. Thanks thanks. 😉 😀

          2. Sent u a small little email…do check 😀😀

          3. Will do and will reply soooooooooooooon. 😀

  4. This was crazy! Only you could write something like this! 😁

    1. Akshita, do I take it as a compliment? Crazy in the sense?

      1. Yes yes please take it as a compliment…crazy in general…I was reading it with intense seriousness when at the end you posed a humorous element!

        1. that’s the problem u see Akshita, like this I’ll never be able to write Horror, something I soooo want to try out.

          1. Aaww🙊 don’t worry you are a bag of tricks! I believe you’ll come up with some horror element too….try your hand at it! I would love to read…

          2. thanks for showing the confidence.. 🙂 you’re among the sweetest here on WordPress Akshita 🙂

          3. That I know! Thank you 😜 now I am going to wait for a horrific post!

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