hic! hic! hic!

Okay.. so out of no where you start hiccuping and the you start wondering who could be thinking about you. Like seriously!? 

 Even if someone was thinking about us, why would they make us hiccup? That’s just being plain mean!! If they miss us so much, they could, call…visit us or better still send us some food. Everyone appreciates that.

Indians believe that they get hiccups when someone remembers them…

But the problem with that is, you don’t know who that ‘someone’ could be 

…and that’s how ‘Missed Calls’ were invented 😉

So if you get a miscal from me, you should know I just hiccuped and  that miscal was to check if you had anything to do with it 🙂

Okay, now I just sneezed! Who is that who is troubling me this morning?

I need to miscal everybody I know…!!! Work never ends! 🙂

Good Morning everyone 🙂

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