New Year’s Resolutions

We’re still 12 days away from 2017 but I guess a few people have already started making their new years resolution list’s.

This shit has never worked with me! Like seriously! When younger, I did try it out often.. at max it lasted up to the end of January – that’s it! n then it was back to the old self again.

So what are the these new years resolutions that people keep making lists of? Let’s see

~ Promising to change a bad habit (I have bad habits? I don’t think so!!)

~Promise to develop a positive habit (that’s easy…I do have positive habits)

~ Try to look fitter (this is a common one..only to end up adding a few more kilo’s by the time next December comes around) etc etc..


I’m not sure about my list..don’t think I’ll make one like the last and the previous 2 years. What I would like to do tho’ is buy one of those clay pots (piggy banks) and store money in it..coins & notes, there are always coins lying around in the house, just pick and up and drop them into the bank. Used to do it when I was small..that’s how I learnt not to spend too much but to save more 🙂

However coming to resolutions, I would dearly like to lose a lot of weight this year and a bunch of other things that I’d like to do better in 2017 – lets see how that goes. Normally life has a say in whatever I my plans do go haywire from time to time! I also do want to travel more and see new places in India in 2017

What doesn’t change tho’ is the fact that..

~ you’d still get to read all the random rambling I do on my blog (sorry4that)

~ the friend in me, I rarely change for my friends unless of course there is whole change of direction which means changes have to be made forcefully. In the past 5 years, there has been only 1 instance where that’s happened.

~ the fact that I remain my un-predictable self. No one (not even myself) can predict what I’d do or say the next moment and that’s what keeps me on my toes. 

Overall you might see a Savio version 9.1, an upgrade from 9.0.

So no real major update 🙂 


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  1. Nice!! New year resolutions never work me neither! But u know what, last year, secretly i had made a resolution that I will be an active blogger and i did fulfill it to some extent… makes me happy!

    1. Wow! Congratulations to you on that Aditi 🙂 Time to make another secret resolution this time too? How about we have a similar blog post from you?

      1. Done! Today is “Blog Ideas” day i suppose… I have got 5 ideas since morning… I think i should do at least one today!

        1. 5 ideas and out of that, you wanna execute 1 of them? That’s bad math Aditi 😉 3 at least…

          1. I wish… But one is good for today – Extremely packed at work!! See i just posted what u had asked for!

          2. It was! Let me know your thoughts on it. M off for lunch!

          3. Good going! Better those no’s next year 🙂

  2. Good sav!i never followed the list which i wrote,so i stopped writing one.Being unpredictable is always fun Right?that makes us to bring joy with in us.This year i fullfilled two of my things which i never added to any list,but fullfilled with the flow😊

    1. Personally I hope 2017 is nothing like the last year or the year before that. I wish ’17 is wonderful for you too, considering I’ll be a part of it 😉 Friends after all ryt?

      1. Oh Sav!sweet words from you as always!Yeah hope it should be great for me,you and everyone too…yeah you will be as a part of 2017 and i guess you are already a part of 2016 even right😉hope this journey continues forever Sav😊

        1. One day at a time is the way I go about life basically, who can guarantee for a new year, a new month or even for a new day. Let’s enjoy the small moments 🙂

  3. This is so relatable. I’ve never managed to fulfil any of the resolutions I boldly make- now I’ve stopped making any :p

    1. ..but I’m sure you have a few you will keep a secret and work quietly towards it 🙂 We all do 🙂

      1. They’re not really ‘new year’ resolutions then :p
        Of course we’re all constantly working to improve, and that’s how it should be 🙂

  4. This is a really good post, Savio!
    I don’t make any resolutions, let alone list them down. But I do try to do something new every year and improve myself as much as possible.

    1. thank You Shubhangi for reading 🙂 I’ve also noticed you’re following me on my FB page..appreciated 🙂

  5. I think resolutions are silly, to be honest. At least for me they are. If I have to do something good about and with my own life, I’ve got to keep that in mind and just do it. No point making lists and post-its and spreadsheets. That’s a load of BS. I’ve seen friends with those lists. Barely a month passes when all hell breaks loose again, and it’s back to square one.
    If I have to do something, I just have to do it. Plain simple

    1. Just Do It! Isn’t that the tag line of Nike?

      1. It is. Interesting that out of that whole rant, you noticed only this. 😝😝

  6. Just posted a similar post..a lot of our goals are the same 😉
    All the best

  7. Nice! I just started thinking about resolutions but have trouble keeping them as well. Trying a new strategy this year!

    1. All d best for the new strategy..hope it works

  8. So in true Becky style I have fashionably late uploaded my wacky lil weekend that was new years. Can take a cheeky peek if you like *fingers guns* (why isn’t there a finger gun emoji??)

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