Random 22

Why 22? Well..Just like that! I like to do this from time to time

So here goes! My  Random things

01. I am a straight-to-the-face kinda person. I wasn’t like this before but over time life has taught me to be more direct. Diplomacy will not work with 99% of the people. The remaining 1% are the people I love, admire and respect.

02. Friendships (by that I don’t mean the hi-bye kind) mean a lot to me. If you’re my friend, you’ll see the other side of me which I rarely show otherwise. At 34, I’m still figuring the emotion they call ‘Love’.

03. Sports is/was never my thing. Occasionally I played cricket when younger, now I don’t and I don’t see myself doing it in the future. That ship has sailed. 

04. When hungry, my first option would be to have a small snack, if that’s not available..I’ll drink a lot of water but I wouldn’t complain.

05. Temper is something I have worked on over the years. You need to really get me worked up if I have to use my voice in a loud tone. I do however still have traces of aggression in me, that’s good I suppose. I can’t be the calm, polite and well mannered person always.

06. I can speak to an audience without Fear, I need a little preparation time though.

07. Crying…!? I don’t believe I have cried, as a child maybe. As an Adult.. I really can’t remember.

08. Your number may be on my phone list, that does not make you my friend…you are just a contact. My friends are special and ‘you’ know who you are.

09. I understand all people do not speak good English, but I do appreciate the effort they put when they talk to me. A person who writes & speaks correct English have a very special place in my heart. 

10. I Love the rainy season, artificial showers are an ABSOLUTE TURNOFF!

11. Love to me is once with the right girl – I am a 1 woman man, I haven’t found that woman yet.

12. I listen to others, but I make my own decisions. I DO NOT get influenced by people.

13. I capture places on my camera and keep the good memories (people) in my mind. I remember only the happy ones…each and every one of them. I’m not too high on selfies.

14. I don’t easily forget what people say. I remember everything, you will get it back at the RIGHT TIME.

15. One person I can trust my life with is my dad. I am safest when with him. 

16. I stick by my word … come what may!! 

17. People have often asked me, will you ever fight for your love? My answer has and will always be ‘NO’. My life is not part of a bollywood movie and those things happen only in films.

18. Not every question has an answer. I DO NOT find it necessary to answer every question that is asked. Girls ask WAY TOO MANY questions.

19. Not every relationship has a name. I share different levels of friendship with my girls. If I am seen with a girl, it does not mean I am dating her or I am in love with her. She and I could be sharing something very special and beyond something you could even imagine. 

20. I have zero tolerance to BULLSHIT.

21. I cannot multi-task. It is extremely difficult for me to do any 2 things at the same time. I really admire how women can do many things at one go. Guess we men are not wired that way.

22. Never underestimate my ability to ignore you totally. Some people just need it.


15 Replies to “Random 22”

  1. Loved the last one and the rest of it, of course. But just what do you mean by artificial showers, I’ve been wondering 🤔

    1. You have these parks or gardens with artificial showers – I guess they call it the ‘rain dance’

      1. Ohhhhhhh! I thought you meant like how they do it in movies. Silly me 😌

        1. Now that actually that would be really cool wouldn’t it!!? and then we could stretch our arms and turn around..like in the movies 😉

          1. Or go hippety-hopping like little kids.

          2. Bollywood has ruined all of us 😉

  2. Good to know u Savio!

      1. ????? How does it relate here 😅😅

  3. Hope the no. 11 remains forever. The world needs of the no. 11 kind. 😀

    1. Yes, that’s definitely forever!

  4. Good to know more about you Sav,but as i always say ,we are similar in many things…1,2,5,9,10,11(with the guy obviously)14,15 ,18(is related to me😑)…so there is some serious other side if you even!!

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