14 Replies to “Santa’s gift”

  1. What is this? It doesnt play!!

    1. hahahahahahaha Aditi, you’re too much ya 😉 hahahahahahaha

      1. What??? Now dont tell me… its just a picture of the track 😲😲😲😲

        1. hahahahahahahaha, see you’re smart Aditi. How could you fall for something like that?

          1. Whatttt… u realllyyy did that????? 👹

          2. You are soooooo mean!!!!!

          3. It looks real, doesn’t it? 😉

          4. Game is on Dude!!!

          5. By the way… its Savio-1 & Aditi-1… i am refering to teaser 3 that i had posted which tricked u 😎

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