Being a Young Man

Sometimes it’s hard to be a young man…

A track sung by some guy (no idea who) with his guitar. More than the lyrics, its the balls to come up with something as creative as what he did.

I guess its the male adaptation of the female version song ‘Stand By Your Hand’

Have a listen..for the guys (the young men) 



5 Replies to “Being a Young Man”

  1. I have tears in my eyes…ROFL! And I dig the way he makes it sound like Willie Nelson… Good find Savio!

    1. I’ve had it on my phone…and as I was looking through my old music, I found it. Goes to show how much I listen to the songs on my phone.

  2. M not gonna check this.. must be another trick 🙄

    1. this one really works Aditi 🙂 😉

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