and I..

…and I hugged her. It felt like ‘coming home’, it was was genuine, it felt special. It might have been all of 4/5 seconds but it seemed like forever,  It felt like my safe place, my haven, a place where I  truly belong.Boy And Girl Hugging High-Quality Drawing

There are some moments that can never be explained. This has to be topping the list. 

For the info… A Hug always means something. 

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  1. This is really awesome post!Yeah ,i totally agree that a “hug” means everything!Its for comforting,sharing hapiness,consoling, convey the missing feel, feeling safe.. the list goes really means a lot.You always write about little things but they mean a lot sav🙂

    1. ummm, I guess so. One can never run out of topics..thanks for reading sash 🙂

  2. But I don’t know why a hug feels so awkward to me. I feel shy and uncomfortable😀

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