Clause No 9

9th January 2003

Sitting in the living room were Lucy, Peter and their parents…and no, it wasn’t any kind of family re-union or anything but the parents of both Lucy & Peter were called to find a solution to a recent spate of arguments which the fairly recently married couple were having, it had escalated so much that Lucy has decided she had enough with Peter. Meanwhile Peter did not quite understand why Lucy was making a mountain out of a mole hill, it was something both of them could work out on their own, they didn’t have to involve their parents but Lucy would not listen and finally here they were, all seated around the living room.

Lucy’s mum sat by the window, she needed fresh air blowing into her nostrils, her husband John by the stereo..he was born to listen to music, he could do nothing without the sound of music ringing in his ears, even if it was low volume. Peter’s parents Leo & Nancy took to the comfortable sofa’s while Lucy and Peter sat on two chairs at two extremes of the living room which thankfully wasn’t that big.

Lucy began to speak “I cannot live with the man any longer” The parents looked all at each other and then at Peter. He remained quiet, not sure if he should be even having this conversation in front of his parents and in-laws. Everyone remained quite not sure what to say.

She continued “So what do you all have to say?”

Peter smiled, the parents all smiled at each other and Lucy was not sure what to make of the reaction.

Finally her mom spoke “Wasn’t this the same man you told me about one day and said ‘Mama, I cannot live without Peter…I love him to the moon and back and I want to marry him”

Lucy remained quiet “but that was before”

“and what happened now?” her father butted in

“He doesn’t love me anymore, he doesn’t give me any time…like he used to and he’s always busy”

“that’s not true baby” Peter spoke

“don’t baby me in front of our parents…u know what you’re doing, rather not doing”


“not giving me time… I can’t live with a man who doesn’t give me time”

“if you want to go..u can but not before you fulfill our marriage clause 9”

“Oh no! no! no! There’s no way you’re getting me to stay with that”

“We both decided and made that together…remember?”

“Marriage Clause 9” the parents looked at each other not sure whether they’d heard of something like that before

Leo was interested to know more, “What’s that clause about Peter?”

Very excitedly they both said together “it means that we have to return back 9 kisses everyday for the next 9 months that we’ve exchanged since the day we met and fell in love on the 9th of September 1999″


“So I guess you have your solution….” Peter’s mom said. She found it really cute.

Looking at Peter “We’ll have to wait for our parents to leave to begin” and they hug each other 🙂

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    1. Thankie You for reading… 😄😄😉😉

  1. Ha ha ha. That’s a rather smart way to make the marriage work. Nice, sweet story.

    1. Thankyou Ajit, am never too far away from a sweet story…

      1. Indeed! I thought it was part of some series but then saw the short story tag at the top of the page.
        Keep it going!

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