It is certainly not an easy thing to do for us guys because…there is no telling how a woman is going to react to a compliment.

She could..

            get angry

                       or  irritated

                                      maybe happy

                                                        or interested 

                                                                         or simply thankful

but one thing you can be rest assured, no matter how she reacts at that’ve made her heart smile..from your sister to your wife, every woman enjoys a compliment.

Girls be like this 


Knowing how to compliment a woman is important, especially if you’re trying to leave a lasting impression. After all it does show that you care enough to notice the woman on how nice she really is. Compliments aren’t always about physical appearance, however good or tempting they might seem

How does one know that a compliment is sincere? 

Let’s say, the very instant you lay eyes on her and the first thought that comes to your mind, as long as it’s not overly sexual, it’s definitely a truthful and sincere compliment. Of course these things cannot be planned before hand, one would have to go with the flow 🙂

Do women compliment each other? Men certainly don’t.. 😊


9 Replies to “Compliments”

  1. If men were to compliment each other, we know we would receive the fun in return, with some choice abuses. 😝😝

    Part of the mystique around complimenting a woman is due to the unpredictability of her response. Lol!

  2. All the time…. Women compliment each other all the time. It could be just overt, but it’s pretty much a fact

  3. Agree with Pradita.. Women do compliment each other. Reasons could be anywhere from truth to treason.

  4. I love how different your posts are!
    Um.. girls do complement each other a lot, but they most do according to physical appearance, or something materialistic, which is not bad at all.
    Personally I don’t complement the poeple I know and love much, but rather those I don’t know. A person I meet randomly in a street, I will complement him or her. I just feel complements from people you don’t know, and sincere ones, hold a real value, because they won’t complement you to make you feel good. But because they mean it and stopped by to appreciate it🤘

    1. Your comment is such a pleasure to read. Thankyou for the beautiful comment.

      1. I am going on a ‘Goin’ the extra…aaamile’ marathon😂

        1. lol …I like it 😉😉😉

  5. If interested, there is another ancient story aspect of a men and womans’s greatest compliments to each other.

    Regards and goodwill blogging.

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