Year in review: 2016

WordPress used to do this real cool thing at the end of the year, ‘WordPress Year in Review’. This time round, they didn’t do it..the Support forums confirmed it. Damn!! Anyways, tried to put up some of the stats myself, whatever of which I could gather.

Here is how Goin’  the extra..aaamile performed in 2016.

Views and Visitors:

11,135 visitors

Likes and Comments:


Most Popular Hour:

8:00 PM (7% of views)

Most Popular Day:

Monday (17% of views)

Total Posts (2016):


Top 5 Referring Sites in 2016:

1. WordPress Reader 2,296 views

2. Google Search: 1,092 views

3. Facebook 114 views

4. Twitter: 24 views

5. Android App: 24 views

Where Did My Visitors Come From (Top Eleven)


1. India: 9,999 visitors
2. United States: 4,669 visitors
3. United Kingdom: 535 visitors
4. Australia: 485 visitors
5. Germany: 410 visitors
6. Canada: 310 visitors
7. Philippines: 259 visitors
8. Spain: 256 visitors
9. France: 208 visitors
10. U.A.E: 206 visitors
11. Pakistan: 193 visitors

Top 5 People Commenting (not including me):

1. Aditi: 124 comments
2. Sasha: 60 comments
3. Pradita: 31 comments
4. Bloggeray (Ajit): 27 comments
5. Ananya Sharma: 24 comments each

~ A pretty satisfying year when I think of my blogging journey in 2016 ~

A big Thank you to everyone who has made this blog what it is and continues to visit and comment!

Savio.. in 2017


17 Replies to “Year in review: 2016”

  1. Beautiful Stats!!👍 keep rocking!!☺

  2. Woooooowwwwww👏👏👌👌

  3. That’s a lot of info i guess!So my name is in second place for comnenting.. yayyyy i hold second rank for comnenting Sav’s blog😉😂…

  4. Yayyyy! This is nice, Sir. Wish you all the best in this New Year. Keep Shining! 😃🌟

    1. Early days in 2017, let’s see how it goes

      1. Hehe, I am learning a lot from you, observing little things in life and writing about them. ☺

  5. Congratulations! Maybe you could also have added the stats for the most viewed posts and the ones which you felt were underappreciated?

    1. Most viewed posts, yes…I’ll put that up…guess a few things I’ve missed, will update it

  6. Congratulations! Wow. Blog Goals!!!❤

  7. Many congratulations. Those are some great stats. All the best for ‘more to come’.

    1. Guess they’re okay. Thanks

  8. I have also waited for that statistic. Thanks for the information. I shall do my own just like you have done.
    Your stats are awesome! What ever people say we all want visitors. And even better is getting comments.
    Wish you luck 2017 with your blog !

    1. The stats in ’16 have been better than 2015, hope I better 2016 this year.

  9. Great going!! Keep it up…

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