What is with people and attachments to worldly things? Phones, cars, laptops..and what not? They aren’t taking these things with them when they die, are they?

It so pisses me off!! 

To cite a simple example, I once did a format for my sis’s phone, coz it was slow, where opening an app took longer than eating a slice of cake..and  she was like “I’ll lose all my videos, messages, pictures etc” 

I was like..“so what”? 

People are so attached to worldly things nowadays that they have literally become slaves to these gadgets!

..A scratch on their mobile screen hurts more than a heartbreak

..It’s okay if the driver is hurt but the car should not be damaged beyond repair

..A laptop hard-disk crashes and his world comes crashing down..

What the hell has this world come to? This is officially HELL, the way I look at it.

Don’t make a stupid gadget your GOD!!

..oh ya, and then there are people who want to keep their old clothes (for posterity/sentiments or what IDK), clothes that don’t fit anymore. Goodness Gracious Me!! Give it to some poor man/woman, you’ll be blessed at least 🙂

People take loads of  selfies, groupfies and what not.. I say Create memories, instead of filling your memory cards with photographs!