How do you React?

How do you react when someone says good things about you, or better still..says it directly to you?

do you smile? 

      do u feel shy?

             do you blush? 


do you just do the ‘Thanks’ bit and carry on, as if it’s one of those everyday things?

Nowadays, people don’t really care much for another person, let alone say something good to them or about them, but then again.. not everybody is like that. There are people who are genuinely nice and who on the virtue of being good themselves, find the good in others too..

Sometimes when people highlight the good in us, we are often surprised and words like “Who me??” or “Really?” come out. 

I guess we don’t really give enough of credit to ourselves. Basically we’re all good people, no one is bad. I’ve always felt that situations make people bad. We tend to highlight faults more than positives of each other..something that comes naturally to us I guess, and we all do it from time to time.

I once went on an overdrive of sms messages to a friend, telling her how nice and sweet a person she was..and she was like “I’m not used to people saying nice things about me,  I’m not really that good”

My question to that would be.. “How would she know? Wouldn’t I be a better judge of that?” I ended up saying;

“Get used to it, as long as I’m part of your’ll hear it quite often”

I myself don’t know how to react when people say good things to me..I mostly remain quiet or just smile. I continue doing what I do best, which is being myself and in the process if I make a few people happy, that serves as a bonus 😉 

How do you react when someone says good things about you?

39 thoughts on “How do you React?

  1. Hahha, this is an interesting post Sir, enjoyed reading it. ☺☺ This reminds of a recent incident, even I am not at all used to hearing good things about me. Mostly, I am in a state of shock! Who? Me? Really? Seriously? 😨 And then I keep on thinking all of it was just fake. That the other person might be doing it on purpose. 😂

  2. Well someone seems to be quite happy here🙂Well,it depends totally on the situation ,when people are being honest I’ll smile and feel happy,thanks them or give them a hug or a chocolate if possible.When people are just being sarcastic or cheesy , I’ll just smile and ask “what me ?!”, “Really?” …but it’s really good to express how good the others are because people are good and letting them know that make them smile. It’s good to spread smiles right!😊

  3. I too would feel very nice if someone would say nice things to me Savio and why not it feels good. I liked your cute but grumpy picture of the child and great post. But people have become very scared too, even if you appreciate them they will just give a smirk and move on.

  4. Well!! this one’s quite interesting,I personally feel that when someone compliments you or say something good about you, one definitely loves it and show off a bit of their MODESTY by using such words like WHO? ME? REALLY? or whatever it is…As they say ‘Take time to be kind’ so we should appreciate every other human if we find something good in them.

  5. I’ve learnt to accept compliments now. We really need to get over underestimating ourselves.
    This did remind me of a friend. I sent her a message saying genuine good things about her and she replied with, “Have you been boozing?” 😂

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