Let’s meet up!

Ever wondered what will happen if a bunch of bloggers are stuck in a lift with the current out?

You’d think they’d blog about it right?  #BloggerInstincts

But then what if there’s no mobile signal available in the lift? 

The next best option then would be to talk to each other and get to know one another better right..and maybe by the time the current is back, you’ve made new friends.

Now Imagine this…

The same scenario, only this time, instead of a pokey lift, you’re in a much larger hall, surrounded with fellow bloggers with music, entertainment with lots to eat & drink.

Can you see yourself there? U can..? Excellent!! 🙂

Read further…

A fellow blogger and myself were flirting with the idea of having most/all of us [more the merrier] bloggers meet up under one roof for a day filled with fun, laughter and a lot of other cool things to do.

This however is only step 1 of what could lead to the day when we actually meet the good, better and the best of the blogging community here on WordPress 🙂 I’d love to get feedback of what you think. 

Where? (as in which state)… Mumbai? Bangalore? Goa? or other options?

When? (as in which month)…May? July-August? November? 

We’re still trying to work out the logistics. We know we can do it with ‘U’

For more details, click HERE. Aditi gives you more information 🙂

If you’ve read this post, we’d like you to comment and come up with suggestions (or if you wanna email me, u can do so on saviopaz@gmail.com)

If you’ve liked this post, you’re probably interested and you will surely leave a comment and for those who like, comment and re-blog, I already love you a little bit more. Let this post reach out to as many people as it can, for there’s nothing like.. more the merrier 🙂

48 Replies to “Let’s meet up!”

  1. That’s an excellent idea! Are you going to do this in Jan?

    1. We’d need to bring everyone together first, so def. not in Jan but what do you suggest? Place and Month?

      1. Yes, Jan would definitely be too early for most. Feb would be better. As for place, that’s best decided once you have a tentative number and depending on where the majority resides, we can meet up there. Naturally, I’ll be partial to Mumbai 😀😀

        1. Mumbai is our first option, easy access from all sides 🙂

          1. Yep yep 😊 Let’s see what others suggest

  2. I’d be writing a post on the meet-up. 😂😅

    1. U surely can, suggestions Sumit?

  3. This is really a cool idea!Meeting the fellow bloggers would be awesome,but we should set a particular place and time depends on everyone’s comfort! I’ll spread the word by reblogging this Sav🙂

    1. thanks, please do 🙂 Suggestions on place and month? like to have your views

      1. Well! It’s my pleasure Sav!I would like to suggest this at the month of february because people can preplan everything and the place might be Banglore as per my thoughts and comfort🙂

        1. Great Sasha, all suggestions go into the main box 🙂

  4. Reblogged this on Sasha's Writings and commented:
    A chance to meet fellow bloggers and get to know them more personally! Cheers to Sav for bringing up such a wonderful idea as this!

      1. You are so welcome🙂

  5. This really an amazing idea ! I would suggest Pune, March 😁

    1. Great, thanks for the suggestion Mahesh! 🙂

  6. I love the idea so far. I think having everyone LINKUP in that app would be great so we can follow each other – Let me know at thenuttybookblogger @ g mail.com My name is Jackie Paulson

  7. Super Idea Savio!!! And ofcourse m partial to a venue in Mumbai!!!

    1. Let’s say we put both our heads together, I’m not taking all the credit here..you are my partner in this right!?

      1. Yo.. !!! Ofcourse!!! I am going to reblogg this… and lets await response…

        1. add your part to it too Aditi, give ’em more info 🙂

  8. I’d love to come if it’s in Mumbai, after Feb 18th ,please!

    1. Yes, surely its after the 18th..would love to meet you…like seriously 🙂 sonaleeeeeeee 😉

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  10. Cool idea Savio😀.. Bangalore is my suggestion.. anytime after Feb

    1. Great..we now hv two for Bangalore

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  12. Ohhh that’s a wonderful idea of Meeting Up and Yeah Mumbai is the best Location…
    But i Will miss This Meet Up…
    As being from Mumbai am Here in Africa far away 🙁

    1. Hmmmm. Africa!!!that’s a long long way!

  13. Count me in if it’s somewhere far from the madding crowd. Never liked the idea of a meet up on conventional routes.

    1. Will keep u posted! Thanks Neal

  14. Wow Savio an excellent idea and definitely we can meet, it would be so nice to keep in touch with the bloggers. I stay in Mumbai and you all can decide when we want to meet. A great idea 💡👌👌👌👌

    1. another mumbaikar! wonderful 🙂 Seems Mumbai is the way to go! Thanks Kamal, will keep everyone posted.

      1. Thanks Savior would love this good for taking this opportunity

  15. I would suggest Nagpur…
    After fab… Anytime!!!😅

      1. Yay…😍😍
        Come come

  16. Wow.. To my little world, this is huge thing.. Pretty excited 😂 I’m in 😋😋

    1. How’s Mumbai? Seems we’re heading that direction..Feb, March..may are all options for getting together

      1. I’m from South India, I don’t want the whole country to drag down 😜. I don’t prefer any location specifically. It’s a matter of dates only for me, try to arrange on some weekend buddy. That’d be fair enough for me!! 😂 Truly great effort dude.. I tried this earlier but of no response from my fellow readers though that was a long time and old blog. Anyway, I’m excited.. Seek a poll, Guess it’d be easy 🤗

        1. Yes we have to an extent…Mumbai seems no 1 followed by options of Bangalore, Pune n nagpur

          1. Umm, let’s see.. First do a poll post with location and dates buddy.. Later we can start over terms and conditions duly followed in summer 😝

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    Pretty cool as instameet 🙂 Never attended one but surely wanna do on a weekend 😊

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