The Roommates – Aditya

This is all part of a story that I started writing in December last year… namely Run Run for your life!!! Click on it to see what’s it all about. The Room-mates series continues the story further into the mystery.

Aditya Malhotra, the youngest of 4 brothers born and brought up in Pune..not too far away from Mumbai. I was making some life changing decisions, moving out of home was one, moving in with Roma was another. Mumbai being a little too high on rent for a 2 BHK, I moved in with two other guys. They seem to be nice and didn’t mind the Roma addition. We had worked out our timings and now all is cool.

“Dude, Roma & I will be IN for tonight”

Ajay was fine with it, just that he thought they sometimes got a little too noisy. Tonight would not be so much of an issue coz the India-Pakistan match was happening and the volume would be quite loud.

“Tonight is the India-Pakistan match bro”

“Shit! I’ll just have to be content on watching the highlights then. Keep me posted on the score”

The night went on…with every wicket that fell, Ajay knocked on the door once and keep Adi updated (surely Adi did not mean it that way when he said to keep him updated)..not aware that he might be disturbing them.

However at the mid innings break, Roma left, seemingly very pissed. Aditya tried making her stay..but she still left, even if it meant crossing the graveyard alone to get to the main road. By the time Aditya got to to the ground floor after struggling with his pants, Roma was gone. He tried calling but mobile network was always an issue in the area. If not for the relatively cheap rate that the pent house was rented for, he would never chosen this place to live in.

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