The Roommates – Ajay

I rang the bell twice, fully knowing that even if Aditya was watching T.V, which was like 5 steps away from the door, he wouldn’t move his butt.
But then again, ringing of the bell here was used more for a different purpose.

Each one of us had our own key to the apartment, for the simple reason that at any time
anyone of us could be IN the apartment and STILL be busy. The ringing of the bell would act as the warning, that in case if the action was happening in the living was time to move into the bedroom.

We were 3 room-mates, Aditya, Rohan and myself Ajay, living on the top most floor of Jagruti Apartments. The Pent House, given to us on rent by Uncle Jackson, the sweet old man, strangely married to a woman a little less than half his age, Lucy..that is how she told us to refer to her as.

I opened the door only to find the usual stuff, his & her clothes strewn around on the sofa..

‘Aditya must be home’ I said to myself…I walked over to his bedroom door and knocked on the bedroom door. I heard sounds, it didn’t seem they were working on any project that Aditya was talking about yesterday, with Roma from the office, or was this the project? I smiled to myself and continued to the kitchen to cook up something simple for myself after a not so great in the office.

“Does he have to knock.. every time?” Roma asked a little annoyed.

After half an hour or so, Aditya comes out walking straight towards the sofa to gather the clothes with a towel wrapped around him


“hey” busy eating my instant noodles and reading my book. He disappeared back into the room. Aditya leaves for work at 7 in the evening, Roma is his…colleague, I don’t understand what work could they possibly have with each other after working hours, that she’s practically around him like a butterfly.

I’m Ajay, come to Mumbai to find work. Looking out for the perfect job, I found myself working at a telecom company, after a long and hard search. I do not earn a lot hence I share the room with two other guys~! I can confidently say, I’m easily the most sensible of the 3 living in this pent house.

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    1. I’m linking it to the one I left in the old year.. 🙂

      1. Which one? There were so many!

        1. the thriller one 😉 but not as yet…will link that only once I get closer to that part.

          1. Why not put the link now? How is a new reader gonna know about it? Or if you want to create the background and prequel sort of thing, maybe tell people that. The readers have a right to know, don’t they? Maybe you could establish the characters first (in that preexisting series) and then do background.

  1. Beautiful Savio, loved your great style of writing, too good. Wonderful post.👌👌👌👌👌👌

    1. thanks, do read all the parts.. 🙂

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