The Roommates – Rohan

“Hey dudes! Wassup!? How are my favorite roomies?”

Aditya was engrossed looking at his laptop screen browsing on amazon for women’s clothing, suddenly realized that Rohan was standing besides him.

” ‘Sup dude! “

“dude, you know of any good websites for women’s clothes?”

“amazon, flipkart, jabong”

“tried them out..not getting good stuff!”

“try” blurted out Ajay

Aditya & myself look at each other surprised.. “Ajay certainly seems to know more than a thing or two about the women stuff.. nice and interesting!”

“Actually Aditttt…and remained silent”

“Adittt? Who Aditi?”

“Aditi Dessai?”

“Your boss’s daughter?”

“Actually Aditi & myself went for coffee the other day and I didn’t know then she was the bosses daughter. We’re friends..”

“Finally our friend has come in line..welcome to the club!”

Aditya & Ajay, the best roomies ever. I am Rohan, girls call me Ro and I am the occasional occupant of this pent house. This serves as a postal address for my parents letters to come through…I live the life of room-mates are my partners in crime. My parents think I am working in Mumbai in Delta Technologies as an Engineer in the I.T department, in reality I am doing something totally out of this world..and oh I forgot! I live with Priyanka and we’re married.

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  1. Interesting… Lets see how this story unfolds.

    1. I’m always up to something or the other! 😉

      1. I can attest to that 😊

  2. What will happen next…

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