dig.. dig ..dig ..dig ..dig ..dig from early morn 2 nite

If you haven’t already understood what this post is about from the title..

Well..it’s about digging your nose 😉 

Most of us do it, but few of us will admit to it.

From Barack Obama to you & I, we’ve all enjoyed a healthy dig. Pick may be the ‘technically correct word’ but we Indians definitely do more of a dig than just pick 😉

Yes, its gross, but then it doesn’t stop us from having our own dig dig time, be in the bathroom or in the corner when no one’s looking and as soon as someone looks our way, we deposit the treasure under some chair or table or places we know best.

The best part is, some aren’t event aware of how long and deep they’re digging! They are definitely worse things than nose digging and they are…

‘arse digging’ (maybe on a different post)


6 Replies to “dig.. dig ..dig ..dig ..dig ..dig from early morn 2 nite”

  1. Hahaha good post early in the morning Savio and yes so true absolutely sometimes we feel so bad to tell the other person too. Great pic too. Happy day.

  2. Absolutely true and loved your morning happy post. Made me laugh Savio. Digging noses everywhere awf.

      1. Sorry Savio must have sent you another post again, cause in my wordpress sometimes it does not show whether my message has gone or not. Yes was really laughing at your lovely happy post.

        1. No issues Kamal, the more the merrier 😁😁

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