‘Right’ way to Pray

Everyone knows to pray  while some whisper prayers during quiet moments of frustration and others scream them in times of desperation. There are different ways to pray and not necessarily a “right way”
The important thing to remember is.. that prayer is simply a method of communicating with God and one should talk to God like he’s our friend.

Most of us pray asking God for a lot of things.. good health, a good job, a bigger house, a life partner, a baby etc etc… Praying hands praying hand child prayer clip art image 6 8

Doesn’t God know what you already need? not necessarily want..

HE surely does. He may not give it to you exactly in the package you want it in, but in a bigger better way, we only need to recognize it when it comes.

Ever thought..

When you pray for others, God listens to you and blesses them and that when you are safe and happy, someone somewhere has prayed for you.

It’s never about ‘me’, we should always pray for others, always ‘others before self’

So when a friend asks you “How do I pray?”

You don’t say much but tell him/her to Just talk to God respectfully but openly and HE WILL surely listen to you.

10 Replies to “‘Right’ way to Pray”

  1. Good one Savio. I can relate to this! Lot of times I think how things change, meaning, earlier prayers used to be for myself, slowly now for others! Thats how you grow! And I absolutely loved the fact that you quoted – when you are safe, someone has prayed for you!

    1. Same with me Aditi, earlier it was me..me..me and now its about others..and thanking God for whatever he’s given and gives me every single day

      1. True. One must really appreciate and value what God has given. I do ask for courage to face his decisions which i may not be able to understand fully at present.

        1. The one thing our faith teaches us is, we should thank God in all circumstances, for no amount of thanks and praise is enough for the blessings he showers on us 🙂

  2. Yes absolutely true and he does not listen to our prayers of purely miming them but that we give our whole life in his hands and serve others and make others happy. Savio I adored and loved your true words. So, so, so true.

  3. Yeah!True Sav!Praying is like the communication between god and us and it’s a wonderful feeling when we come to know that someone pray for us!we shouldn’t pray to solve problems,we should pray to give us courage and strength to solve the problems!

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