7 cups

Sounds funny doesn’t it? What could it mean?

7 cups is a website which provides free support to people experiencing emotional distress by connecting them with trained listeners. The listener, trained in active listening, interacts with the person seeking help via an anonymous and confidential chat.

I am registered as a trained listener on the website. Why would I do a thing like that..u would think. I’ve always thought to myself, if I can make a difference in a person’s life – then why not? Trust me, there are loads of people out there who just need a listening ear, others a little advice and some inquisitive ones who just wanna know on ‘what’s the deal with 7 cups’

It has not been a lot of people I have interacted with (maybe a little over 50 till now) but it gives me a great satisfaction that I can help a soul to come out of a pit that he/she finds himself/herself in. I do not know what it feels like being on the other side, as I personally have not spoken to a listener myself, but the few people that I have interacted with (as a listener), have been thankful that they’ve had someone who really cares to listen them out and offer advice on how to get better. A thankful word, that’s all – makes me happy.

You can register to be a listener too, but you should know..not everyone makes a good listener. Do it if you really care to uplift another soul from the depths of darkness they live in. Or you can simply log in to talk out it to someone who is willing to listen to you or share what’s troubling you – for its all anonymous on 7 cups, no one knows who you are unless if you wish to divulge your information (which is not encouraged)

One more thing..7 cups is not about friendships, just because a girl has had a broken relationship (for example) its not time for you to swoop in and be her knight in shining armour, she’s come to you coz she feels you will understand her.

People have loads of problems, from simple things like making a decision to serious issues of depression etc.

Just in case you wondering..

NO, the movie Dear Zindagi has not encouraged me to join this website 😉 it is the genuine concern for another soul and the understanding that a soul saved is a an extra hour of your life extended. Do good and good will come hundred fold back to you.

Oh yes..do ask the age of the person you are chatting with, it helps when you have a more experienced person talking to you or even someone your age, that way he/she will be able to relate better, and if you’re a listener – you should have a fairly good command over the English language as it will help the person on the other side to understand you better.

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  1. Good piece of information. I really admire your blog and now with each post the respect just keeps increasing. We have this thing in common, I too believe that we maybe just a small part of the world but we can still make a difference with what is in our hands.

    1. I’m just glad I am able to connect to people, on my blog or any other platform. It just feels good being a part…

  2. Are there a set number of hours where you have to be logged in?
    Or a number of people you have to be the listening ear for?
    I’d like to know how it works.

    1. No set no. of hours, you could be logged in as long as u wish, no set of people as well – they just have a list popping up. Based on your profile, you have people wanting to talk just to you. Works like that…visit the website Sonali 🙂 you’ll get more info

  3. Thank you so much. I’m going to share this.☺ And I want to be a listener too!

    1. go ahead, I’m sure you will make a difference 🙂

  4. So good Savio, never knew you had this side too. Felt so happy reading this post of yours. It is so good making a difference in people’s lives and loved this simple pic A Tea and then a warm hug. Goes a long way. Touched by reading this amazing words.

  5. Great initiative Savio… i will check more details.. would like to do my part!

  6. That’s such a nice intiative
    Much like my thought process 🙂
    I was actually planning to start something like that as it’s my passion to listen , to motivate

    Thanks for sharing and keep the work going

    1. U too can join as a listener, it is open to all

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