Let’s meet up! II

This was my first post regarding the meet up, which some of you must have read. However we were unable to move much further but for only coming up with a place (city) to have it in and a day to have it on.

Okay! So we have set the ball rolling from our side..we have around 20+ bloggers who are interested in meeting up. A little more co-operation from your side would definitely be helpful here. However, Aditi & myself haven’t been unable to move much further. Our next step is that in order to communicate better, we’d like to create a whatsapp group wherein we could discuss better on the what, which & how.

We have so far come to a finalization of only a ‘Place’ which is Mumbai city to have it in, since it is easily accessible from all directions and most probably the meet up day, which would be on a weekend, either Saturday or Sunday (when most working people/students are free) 
So please..please send in your numbers to either Aditi or me (who-ever you are more comfortable with) so we could take this to the next stage.

Aditi’s email address: aditi.r.ranade@gmail.com

Savio’s email address: saviopaz@gmail.com or you can whatsapp me directly on 9860781187

Looking forward to your co-operation.

Aditi, pls re-blog the same.


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    Guys, Do let us know your views on meeting up. It will be great fun to catch up with you all. Savio and I have put forward this idea time and again and now we will need some co-operation from your side . Please see details in this post for how to contact us.
    Let’s come together and have fun!!

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